8 Tools Every Home Cook Should Have

To be a successful home cook, you need the essential tools and techniques without investing a substantial amount of money. With high-quality tools and equipment, cooking at home can be easy. Here’s everything a home cook should have.

Tongs that Lock

Tongs are an extension of your hands that allow you to cook without hurting your hands from popping oil on your skillet. They are also an essential tool that you’ll need for grilling for outdoor family events or even just a relaxing Sunday BBQ. You can use tongs to do just about anything, from turning items in a skillet to grilling outdoors. You can even use them to reach the back burner so that you don’t risk burns from the front burners.

Cast Iron Skillet

Cookware is essential for any home cook. However, not any old pot and the pan will do. Gordon Ramsay cookware makes cooking easy so that you can enhance your cooking without breaking the bank. A cast iron is one of the best types of skillets that you can buy because once it gets hot, it stays hot to ensure even cooking. It also conducts heat for a golden sear that makes any meal look delectable.

Not only that, but cast iron skillets go from stovetop to oven easily; just make sure to grab your oven mitts!

Baking Sheets

Baking sheets are indispensable in the kitchen, and they aren’t just for baking cookies. A rimmed baking sheet can keep all of your food contained, even if it has sauce or juices that come out of it during cooking. You can use rimmed baking sheets to roast meat and vegetables or use it to catch drips from a wire rack.


You don’t need to have an extensive collection of pots to become the best home cook you can be. You likely won’t use all of the pots in a collection, so there’s no reason to spend the extra money. Instead, purchase only two pots: one medium pot and one large pot. You can use a medium pot for small meals like rice and other grains, along with small batches of pasta. You can use your large pot for things like making large meals or homemade stock.

Grater Tool

Grating cheese, garlic, ginger, and other ingredients don’t have to be complicated. With a grater, you can easily grate your ingredients without using too much elbow grease. It can even help you grate cheese. Graters are lightweight and easy to use so that you can hold them in one hand.

Fish Spatula

If you cook fish frequently, then you’ll enjoy a fish spatula that allows you to easily flip fish without breaking it apart. A fish spatula is exactly like your regular metal spatula, but it has a thinner blade for easier flipping. It can do everything your average spatula can do, but your regular spatula can’t flip fish as well. Because the blade is thin and beveled, it can slide easily under delicate meat like fish.


Home chefs don’t need expensive knives. Instead, keep sharp knives that are comfortable in your hands. Choose a knife based on your preferences. Some people will enjoy a weightier knife, while others prefer one that’s lightweight. Cutluxe knives are great for chopping, slicing, and dicing to make cooking easier. Not only will your food come out better than before, but the process of cooking will be much more fun when you have a knife that’s properly sharpened.

Salad Spinner

If you’re trying to eat healthier, a salad spinner is a great addition to your cooking utensils. The best way to clean your greens is with a salad spinner. All you have to do is put the vegetables in the basket and fill the bowl with cold water. Your salad spinner will come with a button that makes spinning the vegetables and getting them dry much easier. It will also spin away any dirt so that your salad can be even healthier.

Start your culinary journey today and use this guide as your starting point to stock up your kitchen with essential cooking must-haves. You won’t regret it!

Julie Higgins
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