Skills Secrets to Enhance Your Cooking

No one was born with cooking skills, and if you wonder why your kitchen prowess has never met those of your mother, yes, mothers are known to be every child’s best cook. However, cooking goes hand in hand with attitude; if you have a positive attitude towards trying out a recipe, just like magic, you will pull it right. You may not be perfect, though, but you will appreciate the fact that you are heading in the right direction.

Here are must-have kitchen skills.

Learn the Knife Skill

It’s not obvious how to use a knife. You need to learn a few knife skills to enhance your cooking. It would help if you learned how to dice, chop and slice. Blades differ in size, shape, and use. You need to understand the functionality of each kitchen knife and make sure you have them all in your kitchen. Your ingredients should be uniformly chopped to enhance the presentation and evenly cooking time.

Having your kitchen knives sharp is a must to increase your efficiency.

Keep Practicing

The only way to be good at cooking is through practicing your way to perfection; Gordon Ramsay, one of the world-leading chefs, is known to be a perfectionist. However, that did not happen to him immediately; he acquired the skills through learning and unlearning.

Kitchen hacks need mastery. The quantity and type of ingredients, spices used on various foods, vary significantly; therefore, you need to keep learning until you get everything right.

Use the Right Tools 

Cooking is easier with the right tools in place. However, purchasing quality kitchen tools and equipment can be expensive, so you need to plan to buy one after the other. Examples of essential kitchen tools include; knives, nonstick pans, glass baking dishes, measuring spoons, tongs, wooden/non-stick spoons, salad spinner, stockpot, air fryer, whisks, peeler.

Preparing healthy recipes is highly dependent on the availability of cooking equipment. For example;

I pot

 It’s applauded for its various functionality from a pressure cooker, slow cooker, sauté pan, rice cooker, yogurt maker, sterilizer, food warmer. I pot makes cooking fun and fast if you like.

Air fryer

This frying gadget has been trending because of its efficiency and the healthy foods it cooks. It has proven to be good. Unlike deep frying, an air fryer has a beneficial side because little or no oil is required. You can cook chicken, meat, bake cookies, roast vegetables, and frozen fish sticks in air fryer. Air-fried food is delicious and crunchy.

Learn Flipping Techniques

Who said flipping is only for chefs? Learning this trick can be super interesting as you are required to learn by flipping beans. Spilling them will not be an issue as long as you are learning.

Develop Interest

There is a difference between cooking and cooking with interest. To give the best in cooking, you need to develop a positive attitude towards cooking. The best way to enhance your cooking skills is by starting with the food that you like the most. The outcome results will motivate you to do better or even try out other recipes.

Use spices and herbs

To improve your food taste and flavors, you need to add your favorite spice or herbs. Once you get used to cooking with spice, you will always want to surprise your family with tasty food. Also, once you learn how to blend spices, you will never wonder what restaurants add to their food.

Salt Seasoning

How do you add salt to your food? Studies have shown adding salt as you cook makes your food well-seasoned and tastes more delicious. Adding at the beginning may make your food tasty, while adding at the end may lead to over-salting. So it’s essential to keep adding salt as you cook.

Balance Your Meals

To improve your cooking skills, learn to serve a well-balanced diet every time you have the opportunity to cook for your family and friends. A balanced diet includes vegetables, fruits, fats, and grains. It provides the proper nutrition and calories that a person needs to lead a healthy life.

Clean Your Kitchen

The untidy kitchen is so demoralizing and automatically kills the cooking mood. Before you get set to cook, clean up everything and learn to dispose of food peels, and other dirt immediately. Cleaning used utensils after you are done cooking is another way of keeping the kitchen tidy.


Cooking is a continuous process. Not even the best chefs know all the recipes the same to you. Do not be under pressure if you are not good at some simple recipes. Continue practicing what you have learned and keep on learning the other skills.

Julie Higgins
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