Home Essentials: Must-Have Knives For Every Kitchen

How does someone become a good chef? Is it the herbs and spices used in cooking? Is it the recipes used? Well, it’s a fair balance and combination of those and the number of years spent in the kitchen.

Add to that the kitchenware and the different tools to make cooking so much more fun and easier. Stir it up together with passion and the kitchen is more alive than ever! 

Moving aside from kitchen tools and equipment, knives are considered the most essential kitchenware in every household.

No matter what we are cooking, these are the tools that we always reach for. More so, these are basic kitchen tools you can use to carve a Thanksgiving Turkey, or simply slice onions, chop poultry or fresh meat, and many others.

The blades of these tools are absolutely helpful and are thus indispensable. But how do we really equip our homes with the best kitchen knife set?

We know for a fact that we should not settle for whatever it is that’s made readily available in the kitchen. Every single kitchen has its own use and functionality. To figure this out, we will have to go through the different types of kitchen knives and their uses, one by one. 

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Types of Kitchen Knives And Their Uses

Before you spend a lot of money on trying different sets of these sharp kitchen tools, check out these essential kitchen tools first.

It is vital for the cooks to identify the proper use and functionality of each kitchen tool. Having the best kitchen tools and equipment available but not knowing the proper use for such will only waste your time and money. You will not be able to maximize their full use.

This may even cause some serious harm to the cook. 

So whether you’re a pro or a rookie when it comes to cooking, we bring you a quick glance at the different types of kitchen knives and their uses. 

Must-Have Knives For Every Kitchen

1. Chef Knives

Without a doubt, this one is the most essential tool in the kitchen collection. It actually aces the list in the block. It is by far the most used kind of all, so it is worth investing in the best chef knife in the store.

Picking a high-quality one is more cost-efficient than buying a cheap one and having to replace it every so often. Its blades are usually around eight (8) to 10 inches – this is the ideal size. 

This type can surprisingly do 90% of all kitchen tasks. This is also referred to as the most versatile kitchen tool.

It is the go-to tool for slicing vegetables, fish, fruits, and meats of all types. The best chef knife is one of strength and durability, one that can last through years of wear and tear.

A quick disclaimer is that this one is not meant to be used for butchering meat, nor for skinning anything. Another no-no is using this tool for can-opening – it can be dangerous as it can slip off your hand and cause some serious accidents plus, it can deteriorate the quality of the tool.

In finding the best chef knife for your home cooking, bear in mind there is no right length for the blade. Whichever makes you feel comfortable is the right one. Don’t adjust for the blade, let the blade adjust for you.

2. Paring Knives

Another important type that makes it to the best kitchen knife set is this kitchen tool. These are your go-to essentials for foods that require attention to detail.

Some foods like certain veggies and fruits are relatively small to use the previous type on. So for slicing or mincing food or ingredients that are too small, we definitely turn to this one.

Generally speaking, this one picks off what the functional chef knife leaves off, as to function and use. It is the kitchen’s next lifesaver as it is also the second highly functional kitchen tool.

The average size of this type is 3 ½ inches long. It should be well emphasized that these shall not be used to cut very hard vegetables like carrots, celery roots, and the like.

Forcing the cut is an indication that you are not using the right blade which can be dangerous.

3. Serrated Knives

These are important accessories to your kitchen tools collection. These are commonly used for slicing bread – which is why they are more commonly associated with slicing bread or cake.

But a discerning cook knows that this tool means so much more than just dividing some bread.

This one can tackle both hard and soft foods. We use these when we want to gently saw through something while avoiding squashing the interior (such as in crusty bread or tomatoes).

Using its blades in a sawing motion allows its teeth to grip and cut through the items. The grooved blades remain sharp for a long time making these an undeniably good kitchenware investment.

Tip: Since this tool’s function is not chopping, this should not be used for garlic, herbs, and berries.

4. Boning Knives

Well, we can’t conclude on the types of kitchen knives and their uses without mentioning this boning tool. These tools are a relevant addition to your best kitchen knife set at home.

These are key players for recipes that require fish, poultry, or fresh meat – whether it ranges from something small or large as the full side of beef. It is basically meant to cut through hard and solid bones.

Even the best chef knife isn’t suitable to do the job.

While the other ones in the collection are usually meant to cut in straight lines, these boning tools are designed to accommodate cuts that may curve unexpectedly.

Exercising extra caution in the kitchen when using sharp objects is key to a happy meal!

Now that you have already familiarized yourself with the different types of kitchen knives and their uses, you can take these with you the next time you do your home cooking.

Having the best kitchen knife set available nearby makes a cook’s heart at ease and the cooking so much easier!

To conclude, you will surely be on the hunt for the best chef knife in particular due to obvious reasons. Just don’t forget that comfort with the length of the blades is indispensable.

Invest wisely and always go premium for kitchen tools – buying premium firsthand is more cost-efficient than buying cheap.

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