10 Fun Painting Activities for Preschoolers

Process art is fantastic for artists of all ages, but especially for younger ones. We’ve got a ton of creative painting projects for your kids to get their hands dirty and their creativity flowing, whether they’re natural-born painters or beginners.

Here are the top 10 favorite entertaining painting activities for preschoolers.

10 Fun Painting Activities for Preschoolers

1. Smile Face Plates

With the use of paint colors, create random faces on bamboo plates. Without a doubt, children would enjoy forming a variety of emotions with a variety of colors.

Begin with your children and assist them in creating a variety of faces. Red was used to create the eyes, nose, and smile in the image below, while blue was utilized to create the circle.

2. Painted Salad Servers

This is a messed-up situation. Go outside with a large kitchen spoon, some little sponges, acrylic paint, and paper. Place the sponges on the paper after soaking them in various colors of paint.

This fun art project for youngsters also makes a great handmade present. Purchase some wood or bamboo salad servers and gently sand the handles before rinsing them.

Masking tape is used to separate the bottom area of the servers. Decorate using acrylic paint from trusted online art supply stores in any design; a youngster dipped a finger in paint and put dots on the handles in our version.

3. Scrunch Painting

Scrunch whatever item you can think of aluminum foil, paper, carrier bags, newspaper, cotton, tissue paper, and more to see what designs you can come up with. For young hands, crushing the materials provides good fine motor exercise.

4. Cat Pumpkins

The captivating look and hues of Creative Pumpkins may bring charm to your celebration and even astonish children. You’ll need little pumpkins, air-dry modeling clay, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, bright jewels, and acrylic paint for this project.

You can make pom pumpkins, glittery glittering pumpkins, and a variety of other pumpkins. A little black kitten cat is seen below. Make the ears out of extra clay and paint the pumpkin jet black to give it a black cat look.

5. Succulents Pots

Encourage your children to appreciate nature by assisting them in decorating their own flower pots. Get some ordinary paints, look up some amazing fingerprint designs on the internet, and start painting!

You won’t have to water these succulents at all! Collect pebbles outside, then paint them to look like cactuses using acrylic paint. Attach a couple of boulders together with adhesive for bigger cactuses.

Fill a tiny pot halfway with sand, then top with your DIY imitation succulents.

6. Painting with Feet

We don’t have to be concerned about the outcome. We must all concentrate on enjoying the process while participating in this enjoyable pastime.

Painting with our feet is something that we can all do and enjoy doing with others.

To paint with your feet, you’ll need a long roll of brown paper, tempera paints, a large bowl or hose to wash the paint off, paper towels or cloth to clean up, and something to keep the paper in place.

You may use the colorful paper you get at the end for festivals and birthdays.

10 Fun Painting Activities for Preschoolers

7. Watercolor Paper Container

You just use watercolor to paint the paper and then sprinkle pickling salt on top. When the paper has dried, remove any excess salt and admire your gorgeous, ethereal artwork.

The paper may be used to wrap flowers, presents, and organize containers, among other things.

8. Shell Painting

Seashells are often white or grey in color, however, there are no restrictions if you want them to be a little more colorful or unique.

You may paint the entire shell with any color you have in your paintbrush, giving it a completely different look.

You’ll be able to receive your personalized seashells in a matter of seconds and with only a few pieces of equipment, and you’ll be able to store them for a long time in a box.

9. Umbrella Painting

Look at how lovely this umbrella is despite being poorly colored. Pink, Red, and White create such a lovely mix that embraces a brand-new hue.

Craft paint and fabric medium, paint brushes are required for this umbrella.

following the preparation of the entire combination Give your child a paintbrush and tell him or her to have it. Messier is better.

This method of spraying colors on an umbrella and trying to make it look chaotic is a fun way to personalize your umbrella

10. Acrylic Paint Pouring

This game is a fun and simple method to make art pieces in a short period of time with no brush strokes. Acrylic or tempera paints, a tiny transparent cup, and a canvas or sheet of paper are all required.

Mix and pour the colors to help your kids create wonderful works of art!


These activities are engaging, out-of-the-box painting ideas that will encourage your child to learn more about color and the world around them.

It’s time to provide opportunities for youngsters to draw images on their masterpieces to extend a painting session for creative and fine motor pleasure.

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