Play With Me: Awesome Activities & Craft Ideas For October

Play With Me is part of our new monthly series dedicated to our little ones and the precious time we can spend with them.

So, let’s play and have a joyful time with some awesome activities & craft ideas for October- the pumpkin month!

One of the best things about having kids is the opportunity to give out some of your favorites childhood games and activities. It is like sharing a secret and of course, your kids would love to be part of.

October is a great month, it is still warm outside and you are free to use the outdoor space in the best possible way. Plus there are plenty of great and awesome activities to do with your kids.

Get some ideas and share what you’d like the most!

1A Giant Pumpkin Tic Toe

Kids love board games. But when they are a giant ones and they are on a grass in a sunny day the joy is double. They will running around, climbing and rolling on the grass and everyone will be happy.

2Pumpkin Bowling

Get your bowling shoes and let’s strike!

Lawn bowling could be organized with many unusual objects- plastic bottles, PVC pins, and… pumpkins. Great outdoor game for the whole family.

3Fall Leaf Craft

Fall is magical because of the variety of colours. You can see all the shades of yellow, green, red and the whole natural palette.

If you want to make your kids use their imagination and drawing skills, you will like this idea. Leaves portraits are a combination of techniques and the kids will love to cut leaves and to glue them and to create art.

4A Painted Branch

Kids just love to colour objects. It is not a secret to anyone that sometimes they are even able to color the walls or the sofa. Give them the spirit to show their skills with the brush as coloring a tree branch.

Let tem to use more coloring techniques and to add some texture as thread or tape. Expose their piece of art on the porch or in the yard as a decoration. They will be proud in the end.

5Spider Race

An idea for a Helloween theme indoor activity that kids would love. They love to participate in competitions and they will practice a lose-win situation.

6Name The Color

A practical way to teach little ones the colors. It is an easy DIY game and even the kids could take part in crafting it.

7Pumpkin Mummy Family

October is all about pumpkins, mummies, and ghosts. This activity is great for the whole family. Get different sizes pumpkins and make your family portrait as pumpkin mummies.

8Dive Into Science

Who said science is boring? A simple and great science expeiment that could be made at home with the whole family. Plus you will tickle your kid’s curiosity.

9Pumking Emotions Craft

This simple and easy paper plate craft will introduce to your kids the different emotions. Craft it together and be emotional.

10Candy Apples

Candy apples bring us back to our childhood. One of the most delicious Halloween treats that you can cook at home with your kids. They will enjoy the cooking process and will eat them with great pleasure.

You could also make small apple pies as you leave your kids make the daught and cook.

11Pass The Pumpkin

Physical activity to make the kids move a little bit more. This race develops their motor skills and control, strength, and social skills. Mix a different size of pumpkins to make the race on different levels and difficulties. One of the best October play ideas.

12Candy Apple Bar

In some of the rainny days when you can’t go outside and having an caramel- apple bar would rise the joyfull spirit at home.Make it more special using some great kitchen tools to make little apple popsicles.

Make it more colorfull with candies, spread nuts and cookies.

13Curtain Alternatives

If you need to change the decor in your home and looking for curtain alternatives, you would like this idea. It is unique, natural and your kids will demonstrate their design skills.

14A Colorful Autumn Button Tree

Easy and playful, this creative activity will help the little fingers to develop fine motor skills and imagination. Different sized buttons, bright colors, specific noise which kids like- simply awesome!

15Beautiful Hand Tree

Use this idea in cold and rainy days, as a family activity during the weekend or as a workshop on a party. Everyone will enjoy to create a hand autumn tree and decor it.

16Treats Basket

Design your own treats basket. Include your kids in this workshop and enjoy the time. Kids are excited by the upcoming Helloween in general. But when they create their own pumpkin basket their joy will be double.

You can have a bowl with candies to measure with the perfect size for them.

17Autumn Leaves Decor

Hang it on the windows or on the door and welcome the fall in your home. Kids love to pick the colorful leaves when they are in the park. Here is an idea how to add them as a great decoration.

18Build A Fall Tree

There are many options to create a tree with your children. But this one will make them jump up to the sky of happiness. They will have an almost real size tree in their room. This will inspire them to make tree hollow and play with all the stuffed animals they have.

What you are waiting for? Grab the empty boxes and build a tree house!

19Pumpkin Lantern

One thing is sure, if it is October the pumpking lantern is the winner for all activities and crafts for many families. Scary or sweet as Minnie kids adore pumpkin lanterns and are always excited to design them.

20October Play Ideas For Sensory Bottles

These sensory bottles are everything you need to get your baby or toddler attention. They make noise and grab kids attention thanks to the items you add inside. Try with beans, pony beads, acorns, leaves and pines.


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