The Big Cleanup: How To Wash Throw Pillows

Are you ready for the next chapter of The Big Cleanup? Here is essential information on how to wash throw pillows!

Get your gloves, tie up your hair and let’s make the house shinier!

What is the best and easiest way to add colours and accent in the decor? Mainly small accessories, curtains and of course throw pillows. We have them in our bedroom, living room, garden and balcony.

Many shapes, textures, patterns and quotes to choose from.

But how to wash them and keep their original shape and colour for longer?

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How Often To Wash Our Throw Pillows

Let’s start with how often to wash them? Once per week, per month?

Honestly, it mainly depends on if your throw pillows are with removable pillow case or not.

When they are removable and use them regularly, once every 2 weeks is absolutely fine.

How To Wash Throw Pillows

How to wash them when their covers are not convertible and we need to take care of the filling and the pillow shape in general?

Firstly, make sure the pillow itself could be washed in general. Some need dry cleaning only. The filling is the heart and in many occasions needs a special treatment. Many throw pillows have a removable filling just to prevent its stuffing and losing their original shape.

Here is an essential information: if your pillows are in bright colours or patterns use gentle cycling on warm temperature.

For very delicate and pillows with special decorations on it would be better to hand- wash them.

If there are stains be careful what kind of stain remover you will use. Some of them are really aggressive and may destroy your pillows.

If you are not sure to treat a little small area to see if it will change the colour in general. You could make a homemade stain remover with white vinegar, water and gentle soap. It won’t damage the pillow cloth.

How To Dry Throw Pillows

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Ok, your throw pillows are already washed. Now let’s see how to dry them out.

The easiest way is to put them in the dryer. But before you do it so, make sure they are dryer- safe. Use a lower temperature for drying to keep their shape better. Another tip for this is to use drier balls.

In case you can’t use the drier place your pillows in well- ventilated are, do not exposed them in a very hot place.

It is very important to dry them very well and not use them if they are still damp. Firstly, they are more easily to get dirty again and it is possible to get a bad odour.

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