The Big Cleanup: How To Effectively Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How clean are your makeup brushes?

The chances are you probably haven’t even thought of cleaning makeup brushes until makeup builds up and it’s impossible to ignore.

Germs and bacteria are really easy to find their home on your brushes and that’s why you should try to keep them as clean as possible.

Do you remember the dentist’s advice to change your toothbrush every 3 months? But do you really know how to take care of your makeup brushes?

Here are some important tips about how effectively to clean your makeup brushes, so you don’t run the risk of spreading germs on your face when you apply makeup.

How Often You Should Clean Your Makeup Brushes

According to many dermatologists, you should soak your makeup brushes at least once per week.

This will help you to prevent germs sticking to your brushes and its a good habit to get into.

It is important to say that the hair on brushes is porous and hold onto the products we are applying with. Imagine when they are dirty- all the bacterias go directly on the skin. Plus, your makeup application will result in a spotty look that’s far from what you were trying to achieve.

It’s not just good for your skin – soaping and washing your makeup brushes will extend their life.

So remember, clean them once a week, ideally!

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What To Use For Cleaning

Even though there is a huge range of special cleansing products specially made for makeup brushes, the best product you could use for is gentle soap and clean water to rinse.

Some of the most popular makeup artists also advise using your face cleansing product. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

How To Effectively Clean Your Makeup Brushes- Step By Step

If you want to have your makeup brushes as clean as new there are great tools you could purchase or you could simply follow these steps:

  • Wet the brushes with warm water
  • Drop a small bead of the cleansing product into the palm of your hand
  • Apply the foam onto the tips of the brush hair
  • Thoroughly rinse with water
  • With a clean towel try to excess the moisture from the brush
  • Try to retain the original shape of the brush
  • Never leave the brush to dry out on a towel. Let it dry out on the edge of a counter so all the hair gets some air

Expert advice: never wash the base of the brush.

The makeup brush hair is connected to the handle with glue. If you wet this area the brush might start losing hair. The same might happen if you decide to dry it out vertically.

When To Throw Your Makeup Brush

Although the frequent cleaning could extend the usage of your brushes, there may be signs that will tell you that it’s better to say goodbye to them.

If you noticed that the hair start to shed or wear out or it has changed the shape significantly, it might be a good time to purchase new brushes.

Investing into good quality makeup brushes has mainly benefits for makeup application, they do a lot better job than cheaper brushes. But higher price tag does not make them irreplaceable or longer lasting.

What was your experience with makeup brushes? Do you have some tricks up your sleeves you want to share? Leave a comment below!

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