The Big Cleanup: How To Properly Clean Your Washing Machine

How often do you clean your washing machine?

The next chapter from The Big Cleanup is dedicated to the washing machines- one of the biggest housewives helpmates.

Nobody will judge you if you sometimes forget to do this or you have never cleaned it.

You probably think that adding soap and water is enough for the machine to be as clean as the clothes inside? Well, if so you definitely need to know how to properly clean your washing machine!

It is good to know that they are moist and closed, so the bacteria and mold can easily appear.

If you don’t remember when you have cleaned your washing machine for the last time, probably it is for years.

Please, do not wait that long for the next cleaning. It is better to use quality washing powder and eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets for best results. Start cleaning it properly to enjoy the cleanest fresh clothes.

How Often You Should Clean Your Washing Machine

It is mainly dependent on usage. In case you are a full house and have little kids it is absolutely normal to clean the machine every two weeks.

Why? Well, we all know how creative the kids could be and their ability to try the daily menu on their clothes.

If you live alone or just with a partner, then is normal to clean it at least once per month.

If you think you can easily forget about it, then set up an alarm, mark it in your calendar or simply leave a sticky note to the soapbox in your laundry organizer.

Cleaning Tools

What do you need to get your washing machine as clean as new?

Just a few things:

  • A toothbrush- to reach the inside board and smaller angles
  • A microfiber cloth towel to dry out


It is easy to find good cleansers in the stores, there are many options and variations for washing machine cleansers.

If you want to clean it green, the best and foolproof products are apple vinegar and baking soda. For a better result tries with washing soda- it breaks down hard water deposits, dissolves grease, and deodorizes.

Adding a few drops of essential oils will make miracles to the cleaning effect. Tea tree oil is a very good natural antifungal treatment. It also boosts the disinfection process.

For a nicer fragrance of your washing machine, you can drop a few drops of lavender, citrus or other essential oil regularly every time you do your laundry.

Cleaning Steps

Start with the soap and soft tray.

  • soak it in soapy hot water and leave it for several minutes
  • scrub and brush the try with the toothbrush
  • rinse with clear water and put it back into the washing machine
  • dry out with a cotton or microfiber towel
  • Pull out the filter and remove all of the dirt, and don’t forget to put it back
  • Clean the washer inside with vinegar-soaked towel and dry it out

Wait, your washing machine dispenser is not fully removable? Don’t panic, you can clean it and make it as new without breaking it and removing it!

Simply pour the vinegar into the tray and scrub it with the toothbrush.

Use the soda and the essential oil drops to disinfect the tray and the drum. If your appliance has a cleaning cycle use it to clean the washing machine. If it doesn’t have it simply choose the longer cycle on maximum temperature for the cleaning process. And in the end, you will be amazed by the result.

It comes time to dry out the machine. Start with the door or the lid- depends on the model you are having.

For front-loading washers, it is absolutely a must to clean carefully the door seal. It remains water there and it is the best germs and mold environment. If you want your clothes to smell on a fresh spring you need to carefully clean the rubber.

Take Care For Your Washer Regularly

The Big Cleanup How To Properly Clean Your Washing Machine 1

You already know how to efficiently clean your washer machine. For an ultimate result the best you can do after every usage is to:

  • leave the door/ lid open so it could dry out and prevent mildew and bad odours
  • use soap and softener according to the measurement instructions- too much of them could cause soap scum buildup
  • for front loaded washers disenfect with vinger and tea three oil against fungal formation.

Following these simple but essential steps will leave your washer cleaner plus you will enjoy the spring fresh clothes.

The Big Cleanup How To Properly Clean Your Washing Machine

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