3 Wardrobe Staples to Include in Spring Closet

Styles and fashion trends are changing every season, but in the men’s wardrobe, there are a few essentials that you can always count on.

With these 3 wardrobe staples you definitely need, you will ensure the right look for every day and every occasion.

Once you invest in the basic elements, little by little you will find other patterns, colors, and fabrics that you like and so you will create a timeless and essential capsule style.

3 Wardrobe Staples to Include in Spring Closet

1. Leather Jacket

A light leather jacket is a great investment piece to have, and you can essentially carry that piece around all year long. You can wear it as an indoor piece with layers during winters, and during spring summers, you can wear it out as a statement piece.

Styling leather jackets with a pair of boots and a classic white shirt is all the minimal goth rage presently!

Leather jackets are elegant, and they have the power to move heads and draw attention to you. It nearly has a supermodel look to it, so add one to your wardrobe and walk your runway!

If the designs in the markets are too similar, try something a little more unique, such as a piece with a unique stitch or padding. You will undoubtedly stand tall and proud of the crowd.

Whether you’re a 20-year-old rocking a leather jacket with a hood or a 60-year-old wearing an elegant leather jacket, it can add a touch of class to your life. 

2. White Sneakers

They are light, comfortable and you can wear them with absolutely anything.

Do not forget they require more maintenance and cleaning for your perfect look. White sneakers give a wide field to express your fashion taste and style.

White sneakers reign in the street style, and even on a red carpet and are part of the wardrobe of all the stars. They are the perfect pair of shoes for your spring wardrobe and allow you to combine them with any style of clothing.

3. Classic Denim Pants

Fitted jeans may be super trendy right now, but you need straight jeans in a dark color. They go well with a sports jacket, knit sweater, or cardigan.

If you are unsure of your style, this is the perfect solution for you. The best thing about jeans is that there are models for every pocket and taste, so the search here will take less time.

The best about classic denim pants is that you can wear them with a cashmere sweater, a simple T-shirt, or even a shirt.

Classic pair of jeans look great with boots, moccasins, and of course the all-time classic white sneakers.

In case you are building your spring capsule wardrobe, stay away from ripped jeans.


We hope you liked our rundown of these men’s essentials that has no age and how you can easily build your spring wardrobe. Hope you enjoy styling!

Julie Higgins
Julie is a Staff Writer at momooze.com. She has been working in publishing houses before joining the editorial team at momooze. Julie's love and passion are topics around beauty, lifestyle, hair and nails.