Curtain Alternatives: 15 Better Ways To Style Your Windows

Curtains are one of the best options to add an accent to any room in your home. They ideally add texture to your home.

Made by different fabrics and patterns curtains provide home privacy. So, if you want to have a thicker and luxuriant window treatment you better buy now velvet curtains.

Curtains are great when you want to change up the style of the room without a huge investment.

Did you know that there are some curtain alternatives which will make your windows really pop?

Curtain alternatives give you better the options when it comes to light, privacy needs and an option emphasizes your personal style and vision for your home.

So if you need a change in your home and need inspiration, here are 15 curtains alternatives to style your windows.

1Artwork for Windows

Simple, beautiful and unique!

Bravely experiment with colours and do not forget to include your own inspirational quote or vision.

This DIY curtain alternative is not for everyone but it is a great way to emphasize your own creativity and leave your signature.

It allows a full natural light impact but on the other hand, it doesn’t allow much privacy.

2Curtain Alternatives With Wooden Shutters


Well, this curtain alternatives is completely opposite of the art suggestion.

They could fit each interior line and can give plenty of privacy.

You can choose when to let more light in the room and not least they could be a long-lasting solution for window treatment.

3Frosting Spray As A Curtain Alternatives


This idea could be also added to DIY options. There are a few techniques to apply the spry according to the effect you want to get.

For more art and geometric vision, you can use type to outline the window surface and then to spry it. You will get a DIY installation on your window.

4Let The Rainbow In


Stained glass looks like a masterpiece. It is a really expensive craft with difficult implementation.

Having such artistry in your home is possible with faux stained glass. All you need are few lead adhesive strips and glass paint.

Let the rainbow into your home and enjoy the colorful reflection of the light!

5Shabby Chick


There is a lot of romance in these curtain alternatives.

The cloth napkins look so natural in this way and give you the feeling of a careless summer day. You could even feel the scent of homemade pie.

6Window Shelves


A fantastic option for space optimization and window dress. According to the interior line the shelves could be wooden, glass, metal.

They allow the light impact and give you some privacy. You can decor with a flower or herbal pots, coffee sets or vases.

7Hanging Garden


What a magnificent idea to hang pots on your window. Your kitchen will get enough light. Moreover, you will have everything you need to flavour your family favourite meals.

So what you are waiting for?

Create your hanging garden and have a mini version of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

8Ribbon Streamer Curtains


Ribbons always give a festive feeling. Adding them as a curtain alternatives will cheer up our daily mood and give a joyful look of the interior.

They give enough privacy and could let the natural light in the room. Just perfect!

9Macrame Hanging


Give your windows in a little bit of boho style and dress it an extraordinary way this macrame hanging is for you. It can be crafted by different textures like nylon cord, jute and rope.

Tie the knots in different shapes and make your home look like a dollhouse.

10Beads As Window Curtain Alternatives


A cheerful and playful option to break the ordinary vision of window dress. Clear or colourful, beads curtains will play with the light and will catch the wind movement.

Whether it is pearls, mirror pieces, disco balls or trilogy triangles make your home unique.

11Privacy Screens


Room dividers could be a unique window treatment. They are easy to be decorated if you want to add more character to your interior.

Plus are easy to be used, just unfold them and voila- you have the perfect blockade against curious eyes.

12Rolled Valance


Simple and expected as a curtain alternatives, rolled valance is the easiest way to control how much light to let in the room. Plenty of variations according to your personal preferences and style. Easy even for a DIY project.

Just pick the most desirable texture and pattern and you’ve got the perfect window treatment!

13Cafe Curtains


If you try these cafe curtains you will be amazed how practical they might be! They cover half of the windows in a very elegant way so you will get enough natural light in, plus are privacy-friendly.

Choose an unique pattern and enjoy your afternoon tea or coffee with friends.

14Window Film


Easy to instal, saving time for window cleaning and most importantly- reduce the light and give a lot of privacy.

The window film is attractive and preferable way to dress the windows. Even in clear option it could reduce the light up to 90%.

It comes in many colors and paterns and is a great way to decor your home.

15Lace Patches


Give your windows an antique and romantic vision.

Feel the spirit of Savanaha with these curtain alternatives and make your home a unique and cosy place for living.