Alternative To A Shower Curtain – How To Dress Up Your Bathroom

Make your bathroom a unique and quirky space in your home.

Need to add more privacy or just to mark the shower room in an idiosyncratic way? Find an alternative to a shower curtain below.

When it comes to design your bathroom be ready for many and different obstacles.

To choose the tiles or marble might be easy, but adding all other essentials and accessories could be a huge challenge.

Your shower curtain is there for a reason, its mostly functional and in many cases not very pretty. If you want to explore some alternatives that won’t leave you blushing from shame when guests enter your bathroom, there are plenty of options to get inspired by.

While browsing these, its important to keep functionality in mind. It’s one thing designing a pretty bathroom, and something else having to deal with dysfunctional design on everyday basis.


An elegant and practical way to give your shower area a privacy.

They are easy to clean, plus more of them could be designed as a roll up and you don’t have to pull it from side to side.

2Glass Doors

Wanted a sophisticated and luxury styled bathroom? Then you definitely need glass doors.

There are many styles to choose from and it is a wonderful alternative to a shower curtain.

3Hanging Plants

Create your little jungle. A marvelous alternative to a shower curtain.

You will have enough green plants to purify your home air, plus a stunning bathroom design.

Every time you have a shower you will get the feeling of some exotic waterfall.

4Bamboo Panel

Dreaming of a tropical island home? Build an exotic shower room in your bathroom as a beginning.

Choose a bamboo panel treated for water resistance, fungal growth, and rot to keep the tropical feeling for longer.


Hemp alternative to a shower curtain gives an irresistible charm to your bathroom. It is made of 100% natural products but has the same water and moist resistance as vinyl and plastic curtains.

There is no doubt that a natural shower curtain will make your home a little bit more luxurious and fancy.

6Repurposed Metal

Some farmhouse, rustic touch to your bathroom for a warmth and coziness.

A brave decisions to an alternative to a shower curtain, but presumably extraordinary and impressive design.

7Open Wet Shower Room

Forget about fences, doors, and alternatives to a shower curtain! Choose something simple and easy, but sophisticated and classy.

Be like the Italians, open-hearted, and free. The open wet shower room idea is for a little bit bigger bathrooms with correctly positioned drain holes.


Add a shabby chic element to your bathroom and make it more flattering. Make your bathroom more romantic and magical.

9Macrame Alternative To A Shower Curtain

Passionate about the free boho style?

So, this alternative to a shower curtain is exactly for you. It could be your next DIY project.

10Polished Cotton

This is ideal if you are from the people who love changes. A quick and easy makeover to your bathroom according to your wish and preferences.

Plus, the polished cotton can repel the water from the curtains.

11Rolling Pannel

Be smart and modern. Rolling panels or blinds are the alternative you are looking for.

You simply roll it over when you want, leave it to dry out after each usage, to prevent it from mold and mildew. A clever idea to have an open and dry bathroom design.

12Window Curtains

A nimble- witted way to give your window curtains a second life.

Make them the bathroom stars as using them as an alternative to a shower curtain.

13Vintage Window Partition

No matter if you decide to craft a DIY project or to hire someone to make it for you, this idea will keep your bathroom interior clean and elegant.

The glass will make it more airy and light. And at the same time, you will have a privacy protector and an easy- cleaning bathroom.

Alternative To A Shower Curtain – How To Dress Up Your Bathroom