Scandinavian bathroom - all white bathroom with rattan decorations

Who doesn’t dream about a neat, clean and stylish bathroom. If you’re planning on redecorating and changing the look of your bathroom, the Scandinavian approach is really the best – less is more.

Choose clean lines, simple color combinations and toned down decoration elements. Wooden vanity sinks combined with simple usually round mirrors are a good ground work that will allow you to build on easily.

Don’t be afraid to go darker either – black tiles add the much needed drama and elegance even to the smallest bathrooms.

Pick you favorites from our round up below and start planning your renovation project today!

1Boho Scandi Bathroom

source: Pinterest

2Earth Tones

source: Pinterest

3Wooden Vanity Sinks

4Add Plants

5Clean Lines

6Clever Shelves

source: Pinterest

7Warm & Light

8Bath Oasis

source: Pinterest

9Statement Bathtub

10Don’t be Scared of Dark Colors

11Hanging Plants

12Division Lines

13Scandinavian Shower Curtain

14Grey Tones

source: Pinterest

15Clean Cut

source: Pinterest

16Small Scandinavian Bathroom

17Statement Shower Curtain

source: etsy

18Cottage Feels

19Minimalist Vanity Sink

source: Pinterest

20Statement Mirror

21Grey all Around

source: Pinterest

22White Tiles all Around

source: Pinterest

23Wooden Frames

source: Pinterest

24Bathroom Decorations

source: pinterest

25Add some Nature

source: Pinterest

26White with Wood

source: pinterest

27Touch of Green

source: Pinterest

28Small Space Bathroom Idea

29Let there be Light

30Add Carpets for Cozy Feeling

source: Pinterest

31Wooden Floors

32All White

source: Pinterest

33Colored Tiles

source: Pinterest

34Small and Full of Personality

35Nature Tones

source: Pinterest

36Clever Storage Solutions

source: Pinterest

37Clever Light Solutions

source: Pinterest

38Minimalist Scandinavian Bathroom

source: Pinterest

39Black & White

source: Pinterest

40Minimalist Decoration

source;: Pinterest

41Eclectic Tile Selection

42Black with Wood


43All Neutral Tones for Serene Feeling

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