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Feel like your bathroom needs a bit of a revamp? There are many inexpensive ways to give your bathroom a more glamorous feel.

So read on as I show you how to make your bathroom look like a spa- 20 simple tricks you can do easily without breaking your bank account!

1Natural Colors

Paint your walls or counters with earthy tones with natural touches, opting for something neutral to add a calming effect with an organic feel to it.

2Love the Greenery

Add life to any room with some plants. A cluster of houseplants or flowers will add a relaxing and welcoming vibe to any bathroom.


Ignite your senses by using an oil diffuser or candles to warm up the bathroom with beautiful aromas with soothing properties that can help keep you calm.

4Dimming Lights

Dimming bathroom lights soften the lighting and help relax your eyes, making you feel at peace. Plus, it’s very romantic and can help you sleep better, especially if you take a bath before bed.

5Light Tiles

Bright tiles from the floor to ceiling can help make any bathroom look more bright and spacious like the spa. If you aren’t going for earthy tones, go for a crisp white and minimalistic theme.

6Clean the Clutter

Clear our any unnecessary toiletries and put them in the medicine cabinet or drawer to have your bathroom look minimalistic and spacious.



Tubs are one of the luxuries that have a similar effect to spas. If you have the extra money, install a Japanese tub! You get to submerge into a lovely and relaxing bath after a stressful day. What’s more spa-like than that?

8Massage Shower Head

Either a rainfall or massage shower head is a must, an alternative to tubs as they have a relaxing effect. If you don’t have the budget for a tub (yet!), opt to give your shower an upgrade instead!

9Heated Towels

Invest in a towel warmers or opt for softer, quality towels to wipe yourself down beautifully and with comfort. No one wants to wipe their bodies with a cold and stiff towel!

10Calm Music

Calming music while soaking in your bath or shower can have such a calming effect. Invest in a Bluetooth speaker and let meditation tunes play.

11Tub Trays

A tub tray that can hold a glass of champagne and books to read as you unwind in the tub will take your baths to the net level.

12Extra Seating

An ottoman or a small stool will make the bathroom look very luxurious, where you can sit while applying your lotion.

13Adding Art

A beautiful wall filled with beautiful patterns and works of art adds personality and beauty to your bathroom.

14Invest In Brushes

If you want your bathroom to be like a spa, you’ll need to traditional tools for a relaxing shower experience, such as a loofah, sea sponges, or even a bath brush. They make for great decor as well.


source: urban outfitters

Instead of the drab fabric bath mats, opt for wooden ones as earthy and natural tones will make your bathroom look like a relaxing spa.

16Floating Mirrors

Floating vanities or mirrors can give your bathroom a better and open feeling.

17Opening Up

Instead of storing your towels and toiletries inside drawers, open it up and place it in areas where it looks neat. That way, your bathroom looks even bigger.

18Clear Glass

Spas have transparency and use glass to make everything seem wider and more minimalistic. It can make any bathroom look larger while preventing your shower stall from disrupting the layout.

19Better Views and Natural Light

Open up the views and let in some natural light. Looking out from small windows can help you relax even better. But make sure to install the windows in a strategic area where there’s natural light but away from peeping toms!


If you want the ultimate relaxation effect in the bath, opt for a headrest where you can lie down in, instead of making do with the hard porcelain when trying to take a little snooze.

In Conclusion

When it comes to renovating your home, namely your bathroom, you won’t need to spend a million bucks to make it look like you blew that much cash! You can still have the luxurious bathroom you want as long as you have the creativity and time to do it.

I hope that this article helps you know how to make your bathroom look like a spa. So what are you waiting for? Try any of these 20 simple tricks today and have the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips on vamping up the bathroom, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.


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