Who doesn’t like to play with water when it’s bright and sunny outside? If you know someone like that, then it’s best not to call him or her to discuss the 25+ ways you can have fun with water this summer. Better call that person in the winter to find out where he or she is headed to enjoy sunny, pleasant weather.

Indoor water play activities, as well as outdoor water activities, are not only fun but inexpensive too. Kids enjoy it, don’t they? In fact, even adults indulge in them once in a while. The thing about water is that you can do tons of exciting things with it.

So let’s find out what they are, shall we?

1Summer Splash Party

fun with water

Throwing something as fun as a summer splash party is a brilliant idea. You only need basic equipment such as buckets, plastic bins, balls, and other water-safe toys. No need for any special equipment or full face snorkeling masks =)

And bring in the water spray hose attachment if you have one to make the party more fun.

2Squirt Gun Painting

have fun this summer

This is what you get when you combine summer and art.

Get squirt guns and paint, and you won’t need anything else to make you feel better in the heat.

Squirt gun painting is an activity that replaces boredom with thrill and some creativity.

3Sponge Water Bombs


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One of the most exciting outdoor water activities is sponge water bombs. This is the ultimate game for those who love having water fights in their backyards.

Plus, they’re not difficult to make. Rubber bands, handy sponges, scissors, and some creativity; that’s all you require.

4Slip and Slide


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Out of all the 25+ ways you can have fun with water this summer, the slip and slide is the only one that’s exhilarating for both kids and adults.

There’s just not getting enough of this thing! In fact, you can even build a double lane version to double the fun and excitement.

5Backyard Car Wash


Photo credit: designmom.com

Children have weird dreams, don’t they? And this is one of them. The best part about having your own backyard car wash is that you can build one yourself.

There’s no need to splurge a huge amount of money so your kid can enjoy this water heaven.

6Glow sticks pool fun at night


Photo credit: savingbydesign.com

We always look for activities to beat the summer heat in the day. But what about the night? Here’s one of the best nighttime water play ideas.

There’s not much to do except throw some glow sticks into your kid’s pool and make the evening cool and colorful.

7Colorful Pouring Station


Photo credit: busytoddler.com

Pouring is a useful life skill, isn’t it? So let’s add more fun and excitement to the mundane activity of pouring by setting up a bright and colorful pouring station.

And there’s another upside to this. If your kid ever wants to become a bartender, he or she can put this up on their resume.

8Dinosaur ice breakout


Photo credit: kidsactivitiesblog.com

If you think dinosaurs are extinct, check your freezer! This dinosaur breakout game doesn’t only involve water, but it comes in the form of ice. That means a huge relief on hot days!

Plus, kids love to play with dinosaurs, so that’s a bonus point.

9Backyard Water Wall


Photo credit: kidsactivitiesblog.com

I can create a whole other list of 25+ ways you can have fun with water this summer in the backyard. I might just do that after I complete this one. So yeah, you can build a water wall as well in your backyard.

You don’t need to buy anything for this. Simply use what you have lying around at home. Things like plastic bottles, containers, and hoses are just what you need.

10The Water Blob


Photo credit: clumsycrafter.com

When it’s hot outside, and you’ve got kids, there’s nothing better than a massive water blob. It’s a simple combination of plastic sheeting, parchment paper, and duct tape. With this thing kept in your backyard, you might have to pop it to get your kids back inside. It’s that fun!

11Gigantic Hula Hoop Bubbles


Photo credit: lindsayandandrew.blogspot.in

Do you have a tiny kiddie pool and hula hoop? If yes, then you can make this work. Outdoor water activities are aplenty, but there are only a few that keep the brain engaged in a productive manner. And this is one of them.

But am I making it sound boring? Don’t worry, that’s not the case. Just set it up and see how your kid or kids go crazy!

12Walk the Plank over the Pool


Photo credit: classyclutter.net

If you’re throwing a birthday party in the summer, here’s something that you can do. Kiddie pools are fun, aren’t they? But let’s add more excitement to the outdoor activity by setting up a plank over the pool. This is when you’ll realize how competitive kids can get!

13Squirt Gun Water Race


Photo credit: designdazzle.com

There are tons of water gun activities, but this one is the easiest to set up and most fun to play. And the game is even more thrilling if your kid has a large group of friends.

14Customized Pool Noodle Sprinkler


Photo credit: ziggityzoom.com

The goal is to think creatively and use whatever you have at your disposal to transform it into something super-fun. This means taking a pool noodle and punching holes in it randomly. Then you just attach a water hose to it. Playing in water sprinkling out of the thing does sound like something that even I would love to do!

15Water Balloon Baseball


Photo credit: overstuffedlife.com

Do you think you’re a fun mom? If not, then you have to introduce this game to your kids. They will thank you for making summer an enjoyable season for them. Just don’t use a real baseball bat. You want to be a fun mom and not a dangerous one.

16Frozen T-shirt Game


Photo credit: agirlandagluegun.com

Whoever came up with this probably invented the words fun and creativity. You soak a t-shirt in water, then squeeze it all out before placing the t-shirt in your freezer. Since it’s competition, do this with many t-shirts. Once they’re frozen, take them out and whoever unfolds and wears the t-shirt first wins the game.

Now you need to know that it takes at least 10 minutes to put on a frozen t-shirt completely. Yes, I did try it!

17Ice Chalk


Photo credit: learnplayimagine.com

The summer season is all about bright colors, isn’t it? So take those paints along with some baking soda and corn starch and add them to ice cube trays. Soon, you’ll find yourself spraying water on them right under the sun and creating ice chalk art.

18Water Balloon Slip and Slide


Photo credit: girlstweenfashion.com

You know the conventional slip and slide outdoor activity? We’ve discussed it above. If you want to add more fun and excitement to it, then cover it up with water balloons. There’s no limit to the kind of things that you can place on your slip and slide.

19Glow Sticks Water Balloons


Photo credit: thescrapshoppeblog.com

You can add glow sticks to whatever you want to make the activity more fun. Plus, the thing about glow sticks is that they make playing exciting games at night possible.

20Water Balloon Bash


Photo credit: milkallergymom.com

Bashing up water balloons? Wow! Now that sounds like a stress buster for adults, doesn’t it? But kids enjoy it too. Although I have no idea what kind of frustration do they want to vent out. It’s probably all the sugar doing its job, isn’t it?

21Water Balloon Launch Fight


Photo credit: kidfriendlythingstodo.com

Everybody’s heard of water balloon fights. But here’s another way to enjoy this entertaining activity. How about you launch these water balloons using milk jugs? We all have empty plastic milk containers lying around the house all the time. So let’s use them to beat the heat this summer.

22Squirt Gun Target Range


Photo credit: innerchildfun.com

You know what, if you don’t have a squirt gun, no problem. Fill up a spray bottle with water and aim for those paper cups. Your kid will love doing this all day outside the house.

23Water Balloon Trampoline Jumping


Photo credit: asubtlerevelry.com

If you have a trampoline, then you should get balloons right now! Fill them up with water and get on that trampoline. Once you start jumping, you’ll forget all about the summer heat.

24Colored Water Bath


Photo credit: kidsactivitiesblog.com

This is a list of the 25+ ways you can have fun with water this summer, right? So does this mean that all of these activities are suitable for outdoors? Of course not. A colored water bath is one of the most surprising indoor water play activities.

All you need to is a cotton swab and colored food dye. Place cotton under the faucet, and that’s it!

25Fake Laundry Day


Photo credit: innerchildfun.com

Fabulous water play ideas are hard to come by. Well, if that were the case, then I would have ended the article long before. But that didn’t happen, which means only one thing. Here’s another fabulous game for your kid to play this summer.

It’s called fake laundry day. Kids love pretending to do adult chores, don’t they? So what you need; laundry basket and Jell-O soap.

26Water Limbo


Photo credit: popsugar.com

Do you know how you can up the limbo game? Switch to streaming water from the classic limbo stick. You can use a hose for this. So time to find out how low your kids can go!

And That’s A Wrap!

So these are the 25+ ways you can have fun with water this summer.

Now you know that the options are endless. You can pick a new game each time your kid gets bored of one activity. You have 25 chances of becoming the world’s most fun mom. So what are you going to pick first?

Did you enjoy reading the article? I hope the content was entertaining and useful.

Please don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments section below. I would love to hear your take on this particular topic.

Now it’s time to get the water balloons rolling!


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