summer outdoor activities for toddlers

Summer is here and it’s the perfect season to get your kids to enjoy the great outdoors. In this day and age where technology and the internet have rampantly taken over our kids’ lives even as early as their toddler years, outdoor activities are more essential to their childhood.

But what exactly do they do outdoors and outside their go-to gadgets, TV programs and internet games?

Mommies and daddies, it’s time to get creative. We’ve scoured the heck out of Pinterest and we’ve found the best ones for you and your toddlers.

1Throw Painting


Simple household materials are all you need to make an exciting afternoon for your toddler’s outdoor activities. Some cotton balls, different colored paint and a good throwing arm are all you need to make this wall masterpiece.


2Shark Bit My Cup

This would be a great way to beat the heat and get your neighbors’ kids to come out and play, too!

Tutorial: by Toddler Approved

3Ice Boat Racing

This is super easy and fun to make for both you and your toddlers! Try it!


4Toddler Color Hop

The famous Twister game toddler style.

Tutorial: Hey there home

5Spray Chalk Splatter Painting

It’s colorful, has something to do with water and messy. Yes, the perfect concoction for your toddlers.


6Paint Splash

Toddlers are tightly coiled balls of energy waiting to unleash their pent up energy. Why not do something as awesome as a paint splat? They’ll love it for sure!


7Bird Feeders


Making these is already fun. Imagine watching birds fly to your backyard and pick from your feeders. Your kids will be squealing with joy!


8Splatter Painting

Paint activities are genius ideas. They’re full proof outdoor activities guaranteed to bring 100% fun to your kids. Just make sure the paint you use is water based so you don’t kick yourself in the bum when you try to wash out the paint stains from your clothes.


9Ice Boats

You’ll never go wrong with water outdoor activities so make them count. Try this one!


10Bubble Snake


Nothing like making your own bubble machine!


11Toddler Water Wall


Made out of recyclable materials around the house! It’s cheap, easy and super fun!


12DIY Music Stand

Kids love to bang on stuff but we don’t enjoy it their “music” as much as we want to when that’s all you hear resonating inside the house. Set this up for your kids in the backyard. You might actually have a budding drummer.


13Outdoor Kitchen


If you want less mess in the kitchen and your kids insist on playing kitchen, take them outdoors for a day of pretend cooking show!


  • Rock play space and outdoor kitchen by Fun at home with kids
  • Homemade outdoor kitchen area for kids by Pink and Green Mama

14Bug Spray

What a brilliant way to teach and test your kids the alphabets! Easy and fun!


15Shadow Art

The best thing about recycled chalk paint is they’re super easy to wash off. Your kids can wash down the driveway and start all over if they haven’t lost interest in drawing pictures on the ground.

16Nature Play and Exploration

What better way to enjoy outdoor activities than to go on a nature exploration? After all, kids love playing with dirt. Just make sure they don’t put the bugs in places they don’t belong in.


17Hula Hoop Games

If you have a bunch of hula hoops at your disposal, this will be great for your hyperactive toddlers. If you don’t have hula hoops, they go very cheap in most stores so they’re worth the investment!


18Nature Walk

Toddlers love colors. You can use this to your advantage. Take them for a walk in a familiar hiking trail and have them spot things around them that are of the same color as your color swatches. You’re hitting two birds with one stone – boredom and learning!

19Activity Cube

Be creative with your activity dice. I’ve tried this with my students and they had a blast! Your kids will surely have too!


20Nature Hunt


Your toddlers will love this. It’s fun and challenging for them. Watch them get immersed in nature.


  • Nature Hunt by Family Education
  • 10 Fun Scavenger hunt ideas for your kids by source:

21Olympic Outdoor Activities

Bring out the big guns! Set up a 5-course relay race inspired by Olympic events and get ready for a fun filled day!


22Toddler DIY Golf

Training up the next Tiger Woods?


  • DIY toddlers golf clubs and putting green by I Can Teach My Child
  • How to build a mini golf course at home, by source:
  • Golf DIY by Zedomax

23Ball Toss

Not only fun for your older kids but for your toddlers and preschoolers too!


24Climbing & Crawling

Who wouldn’t want to play through these? If I was certain I wouldn’t get stuck, I would totally go for it!

25Toddler Fishing

This one will never let you down. And it will keep your toddler occupied for a good few hours.


There you have them, folks!

25 full proof outdoor activities your toddlers and older kids would both enjoy. They’re easy to make, cheap to make and loads of fun to boot! So get your thinking caps on and get creative! Make your outdoor activities cooler than anything else this summer.

Got any ideas you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below!


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