25+ Genius Tooth Fairy Ideas & Free Printables


The tooth fairy idea has been a fantasy many kids grew up believing especially in the western side of the world. I remember my aunt who lives in the US telling me about the tooth fairy whenever she would come home to visit. And, I’ve always wondered if these fairies are true. My father was not a believer and neither was my mom. Much like every other human being, I’ve lost several teeth but once did get paid in cash. But, it does not mean we can’t create great memories out of a fantasy.

Sooner or later kids will understand the concept of each family having their own fairy. Until then, we got some cool ideas for conducting your fairy business with style.

Tooth Fairy History

tooth fairy ideas

Parents know the tooth fairy is just a myth – a fantasy to calm kids down when their teeth are about to fall out. But, there’s actually a history about how the fantasy started. In Europe, it’s a tradition for parents to bury their children’s baby teeth. Then, when the sixth tooth falls out, they take the tooth from under the pillow and slip money or a gift in exchange for the tooth.

In the middle ages, people believed different things. The English believed burning baby teeth will spare the child hardship in the afterlife. The Vikings paid children for their teeth while Scandinavian warriors believed they bring good luck and wore them around their neck when they go to battle.

The dark side of the history? Some cultures believed that if a witch gets ahold of someone’s teeth, she can take control of that person. It was much later when the brighter sides of the tooth fairy ideas surfaced and stuck to be what most kids believe in now.

Tooth Fairy Ideas

tooth fairy

1Tooth Fairy Door


How cool would it be if your child wakes up in the morning and find a dollar behind that door? It would be awesome, I tell you. You can also get one on amazon.

tooth fairy ideas

2Tooth Fairy Pockets

Definitely, this idea would be perfect for multiple child parents. Twins, triplets or even if you have four kids whose ages are close to each other, assign one pocket for each child.

3Tooth Fairy Dust Pendant

I wouldn’t mind receiving a cute pendant in exchange for a tooth. Surely, little girls wouldn’t mind either.

4Tooth Fairy in a Box

A cute stuffed toy? Why not?

5Pillow Monster

The tooth fairy ate my tooth and turned into a monster! I must have cavities!

6Tooth Fairy Wand

Oh my gosh! This is super cute! Every princess wanna be would squeal in joy over this.

7Tooth Fairy Thank you Note

A note is fine but I wouldn’t mind seeing a dollar or two with that note!😜

8Tooth Fairy Plates

I love this idea but let’s not forget to wash them after every use, okay? 😉

9Dollar Bill Butterfly

Clearly, this is a lot of effort. But, if you have spare time in your hands, this would be a great way to kill time.

10Superhero Tooth Fairy Pillow

Little boys would love this! I mean, most boys love Batman, right?

11Pressed Penny

They should make a tooth fairy store where parents can buy fairy coins and kids can buy items they like with this currency! Now that would be cool.

12Tooth Fairy Sleepover Kit

If you leave milk and cookies for Santa, why not leave a comfy bed for the fairy to sleep in in case she’s tired? 😊

13Tooth Fairy Teepee

Or maybe a teepee so she has more privacy?

14Fairy Garden

Every kid knows fairies live in the woodlands. A garden stop for the fairy is only appropriate!

15Tiny letters from Tooth Fairy

Don’t forget to fold in a dollar in those cute envelopes!

16Tooth Fairy Pillows

Personalized? Yes, I dig that.

17Tooth Fairy Coins

Ooooohhh! They’re glittery and shiny!!

18Tooth Fairy Box

For the more shabby chic fairy. 😁

19Tooth Fairy Cottage

Since we’re already going all out, forget about the bed and the teepee and give her a cottage all to herself!

20Tooth Fairy Receipt

Brilliant. Just absolutely brilliant!

21Tooth Fairy Footprints

Follow the footprints to get your dollar!

22Tooth Fairy Felt Pillow


Absolutely adorable! Can’t get any cuter than this.

23Tooth Fairy Kit


For every parent/fairy needs, get one now!

24Reward them with Coin

Gold? Yeah, I can handle some gold.

25Tooth Fairy Plaque

I hope I see a dollar in there tomorrow morning! 😁

Bonus – Free Tooth Fairy Printables

tooth fairy ideas
tooth fairy ideas
tooth fairy ideas
tooth fairy ideas

Last Minute Tooth Fairy Ideas

If you don’t have that much time to plan these ideas out, there are several things you can do.

  • IOU – you can write an IOU card for later claim if you don’t wish to just give out cash. You can play around the idea of an ice cream cone, a new toy or a candy bar.
  • Tooth Fairy Jar – you can teach your kids the value of saving even as their tooth fairy. Instead of tucking money under their pillow, tell them the tooth fairy will put it in their tooth fairy jar.
  • Tradtional – if you really don’t have the time in your hands to prepare something like this ahead of time, you can always default to the traditional way. Taking their tooth and slipping a dollar under their pillow won’t even take a minute to do.

So, mommies and daddies, have you got any favorites among the brilliant ideas we gave you?

Ultimately, kids would already enjoy the whole fantasy. But, make one of these and create and even more special memory of their childhood.

You can also be creative in what you’re going to exchange for their teeth. Ideas such as a coupon for a day at the zoo, or a note to get their favorite ice cream or a promise of a new toy will also work.

All in all, add a lot of love in what you give and your kids will feel the magic exists! Any thoughts on this post? Leave us a comment below!


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