grandparents gifts

Whether your parents live close or far away, we can all agree that the time they spend with their grandkids is precious. When the time comes to say “Happy Birthday” or “We miss you grandma”, a personalized gift will certainly make a better impression than a store-bought box of chocolates.

If you happen to be one of the crafty families, making your very own gift for the kids’ grandparents is a great idea for how to spend time together as a family and also, for a meaningful gift for your loved ones.

Are you ready for the roundup? Here they are, our favorite grandparents gift ideas!

1Mason Jar Fridge Magnets

Pick your favorite kids photos or family photos to create a simple collage on the fridge. The photos can be replaced seasonally so you never get bored of them!

2Handprint Flower Bouquet

Kids would love this activity! All it requires is colored paper and a bit of glue! Perfect gift for any grandma.


Do they enjoy their coffee or tea? Make them coasters! Here is a super cute option with pom poms!

4Hand-Written Pillowcase

One that will melt their heart! Personalized pillow cases, so grandparents know you’re thinking of them at all times.

5Framed Gallery Prints

All of life’s treasures in one frame – get a collection of all the grandkids’ pictures framed like this and update seasonally as they grow.

6Picture Frame Memory Wreath

Another great way to use photos as a gift – this doubles up as a beautiful seasonal decoration too! The ribbon on the wreath can be changed depending on holidays and adapted to match the decoration style.

7DIY Bookmark

Pinterest enthusiasts are raving about these bookmarks. There are a ton of variations of these, but the idea is pretty simple – take a photo, cut it out and attach a decorative string. For grandparents that are avid readers, this is one of the cutest things they could receive!

8Serving Platter

A gift you can make while your kids are still small – a beautifully decorated serving platter featuring prints from all the grandkids.

9Clay Footprint Bowl

This might not be to everyone’s taste, but the idea to create something useful out of memorabilia is very popular at the moment.

10Throw them a Tea Party

Gifts don’t have to be just material, why don’t you plan an activity together as a way to spend quality time? A tea party complete with a selection of cakes is certainly going to get both the kids and adults excited.

11Handprint Keychain

Another gift idea with palm prints – this one is a little more elaborate but a great small token of appreciation for any grandparents.

12Photo Planters

A little crazy but super cute – you can get your kids faces printed on a pot and gift it together with a plant – a gift that will surely make them laugh every time they look at it!

13Handprint Tote Bags

Make a tote bag for grandma to take on her weekly shopping trips!

14Practical Gift – Get them Organized

With progressing age, our parents tend to be more forgetful and any bigger life changes might prove a challenge. Sometimes the best gifts are the practical ones. For example, if the grandparents are moving houses, the Suddath Moving Checklist for seniors will come in handy to get them prepared before a move. Take the stress out of their life with gifts that make everyday chores a breeze.

15For Living-Away Grandparents

Family spread out in a number of places? Why not remind them that no matter where they are, they are always in your heart. This heart map is super easy to make and has a lovely personal touch.

16Handprint Jewelry Dish

Another practical gift that is made out of memorabilia, this time as a tray for grandma’s jewelry.

Have more great DIY ideas for grandparents? Share with us below and let us know which one you’ll be trying out next!


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