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Throughout our working lives, the average number of times a person changes their job is twelve occasions.

For some people, that number might seem quite high but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of years spent in a single job has dropped to just over four years. Now, to unpack that we would need to look at societal trends and changes to the workplace over the past five years.

However, our focus is going to be on helping those of you looking to make a career change, whether that is within your current industry or for something completely new.

So, with that in mind, here is a look at some of the options open to you if you want to switch jobs or pursue new horizons.


One of the first places that a lot of people will look when it comes to improving their employment opportunities is in the field of education. Now, that could mean anything and in the modern day, there are more opportunities for progressing your CV through learning than ever before.

Finding the one that fits you is half the battle, and so we are going to take a look at some of the variety of options that are available and how they might suit your needs.

  • Degree

A certificate from a university or college is quite often the first port of call when most of us take education into consideration. For years, these institutions have been the choice of people looking to develop new skills and demonstrate them through the relied upon teaching structure.

However, as times change so have the methods in which you can approach getting yourself a degree. Once-upon-a-time a degree was reserved for people who had the time to attend a college on a full-time basis, but thanks to the growth of technology that simply isn’t the case anymore.

Part-time and online learning are great options for people looking to develop their career choices. You will be able to approach your degree or similar in your time and with the comfort of not having to leave your current employment.

One thing to consider is if you want to advance within your current industry or if you’re looking to move outside of your comfort zone. That could be the difference between getting yourself a diploma in Emergency Management & Prevention and using online courses to get a degree in a foreign language.

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  • Skills & Qualifications

Going back to school isn’t for everybody, and that isn’t a problem. You might already be in a situation that means your time is limited and even a part-time course requires a commitment level that you aren’t able to adhere to. However, you shouldn’t be deterred from education. There are still many options out there that you can make the most of and we will look at those now.

Digital companies have started to make the most of the popularity of their services by introducing the opportunity to develop your skills and gain qualifications through short courses online. One of the most popular in this field is LinkedIn Learning, though they are by far not the only option available to you.

Through websites like LinkedIn, you can improve and develop skills on programs like Microsoft Office or learn communication tools from experts in their field. There is no greater education than the one you will get from people who have lived and experienced it.

  • Teaching

The final thing to consider when it comes to education is to ask yourself what do you have to offer? We can all spend a little bit too much time looking at the qualifications of others and having dreams of a greater CV, but have you taken the time to acknowledge just what it is you do have?

If you are someone that has experienced a good career or have an education in a field that requires assistance, then you might be in a good position to assist in the world of teaching.

There is always a huge demand for people to help educate the future, and a qualification in this field can be earned while working in this sector. That means you will still have an income and you will be contributing to society through the noble profession of teaching, passing on your skills and experience.

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Gig Economy

Education isn’t for everybody, that might be a time issue as referenced above and it could be that you already have the skills – just not the career to match. For a lot of people, the answer to wanting to utilize their skills or move careers is to look towards the gig economy.

This term is relatively well known to people within this sector, but not so much to those outside of it. What it means to work within the gig economy is that you have a temporary or freelance position that suits the needs of the organization and the employee. Below is a more detailed look at some of the ways you can get involved in this world.

  • Freelance Online

Websites like Fiverr and Upwork have boomed in recent years as people with specialized skills use these marketplaces to find work. The premise behind freelance websites is that you can advertise to the general public and companies the skills that you have and they might want.

The people using these websites are looking for a broad variety such as people with writing skills in blogging, copy, and articles, as well as those with graphic design abilities and communications experience.

There are many other types of freelance work available on these websites and you should take a look to see if what you can offer is being requested.

  • App Work

As well as technology providing working opportunities through websites and via online education, there is also the growing gig economy for app work. Now, we aren’t referring to people designing applications for phones, no this is about the kind of work that you can do using an app on your phone. The most popular of this type of work is private hire car driving and delivery services.

Companies like Uber, Lyft, and Deliveroo have been set up to allow users who need a flexible work-life balance to use their systems for a career. Using their applications, you can be a driver that picks up work at a click of a button. The schedule you work is completely down to you and should be something you are able to make the most of by working out your average earnings per week and equating that to hours worked.

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Changing Career

The options discussed here are just some of the ways that you can change your career. The important thing is to remember that there are options out there so you don’t have to feel trapped in the workplace. One of the worst things for your mental health is to consider that you are someone who has to stay in a position that is making you unhappy or causing you illness.

Over the years we have had a tendency to need work to be the leading factor in our lives, but it is time to take control over that notion and start to find a way to make your career work for you.

Personal time is not something that should be ignored and if your employment is eating into living life, then there may very well be a problem that you need to address. We have mentioned mental health here because more and more in modern society we are starting to see the stigma lifted, and people recognize that their mental state is as important as their physical wellbeing.

A negative workplace can contribute in an awful way to mental health problems and should be addressed head-on by looking for a way out. Thanks to the society we live in, there are thousands of industries and jobs that you can explore, you just need to back yourself by obtaining the necessary skills and going for it.

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Starting A New Career

In addition to changing career, there will be many people who are starting fresh. This could be because you are at the beginning of your working life, or it could be the start of you taking the leap back into work after taking a break for parenthood.

The best thing that you can do is prepare for the line of work that you want to get into and be confident that you are doing the right thing. We can all find excuses and reasons for not pursuing our dreams and goals within our careers, but when you are getting on the horse or back on it for the first time, that is when you can be more selective.

Use your time before employment to get your CV bolstered using some of the tools outlined above like LinkedIn Learning and go into your new role strong in the skills that you need.

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