unusual career choices for women

Have you ever wondered why you, or another person, chose a certain career path? Others could have it as a matter of choice, hobby, preference, while there are also those who might’ve chosen their careers after getting inspired by their family members or those around them. 

Whatever it is, you don’t have to settle for a ‘normal’ job or one that you think is common. If sitting confined to an office cubicle from eight in the morning to five in the afternoon isn’t for you, then don’t fret about it. There are plenty of other work opportunities out there, even for women.

What are some of these unconventional career choices for women? This article highlights some examples for you:

1Pastor Or Deacon

Not many women may think about entering the ministry as a part of their job. But if you’re a spiritual and religious person, then you’re very much welcome to work as a pastor, deacon, or reverend.

While pastoring may be an unconventional and an underrated job, in today’s modern age, this is very much needed in the faith community. Here are many fulfilling reasons that should convince you to go ahead and take that leap of faith, especially if this is a career path you’ve once longed to trod into:

  • Enables you to deal with highly significant matters, affecting the heart and spirituality of those who believe in the same faith as you do;
  • Allows you to work on a flexible schedule, but also be willing to be on-call to anyone who might need your help during dire times of their life;
  • Enables you to make a big difference in a person’s life, even if it’s only through your ministry.

If you’re keen on entering this career path, you can choose to have a fashionable work ‘uniform,’ too. Visit Sacred Stitches, among other online clergy robe shops, for a variety of options you can choose from.

2Voice-Over Artist

If you love talking, but you don’t necessarily want to be in front of the camera, then working as a voice-over artist might be the perfect job opportunity for you. This is a job that pays well, and you can do voiceovers for just about anything–from commercials and even to animated movies!

Think of all the female characters in some of the cartoons you love. Their conversations come to life through a voice-over artist.


Doulas are experienced midwives or caregivers who help mothers practice different birthing techniques. They’re usually in-demand by women who prefer today’s unconventional forms of giving birth. 

There are also women who still work with an OB-GYN and give birth in a hospital, but have a doula by their side to walk them through the labor process. Doulas are also helpful after birth, like helping women find their way through proper breastfeeding, infant care, and the like.

Working as a doula is a fulfilling career for the following reasons:

  • Exposes you to a career where you’re able to help a woman through a painful but also emotional and fulfilling time of their life;
  • Gives you flexible working hours, except that you’ve also got to be willing to put in long hours just in case the labor progresses or starts in the wee hours of the morning;
  • A fulfilling job to help a woman bring life to this world, and guide her and the baby through a gentle recovery process.

4Professional Horse Rider

Almost every little girl once had that dream of owning a little pony. Now that you’re an older girl, how nice must it be to have a job that enables you to earn a living while you ride horses? If you genuinely love horses, this is an unconventional job description to attached to your name.

While horse riding isn’t for everyone, it’s a good career once you get started. You’ll get to enjoy certain benefits from being a horse rider, like the following:

  • Keeps your health well since training and riding horses is already an exercise in itself;
  • Enables you to work outdoors and be one with nature, which is highly beneficial if you’re not the type to be happy inside an enclosed office;
  • Can be a stress-reliever since you’re going to have a special bond with your horse.


Does this list of possible but unusual career options excite you? You see, you don’t always have to do what everyone else is doing. If a certain career path makes you happy, then why not go for it! Life is too short to wonder, ‘What if?’ For as long as you earn a good living enough to support yourself and your family, and you’re earning a salary from legitimate and clean sources, then why not. 

Take heed from the list above or go ahead and explore other options you might’ve always wanted to do. Now, you should be happy with the job you do.