8 Fabulous Fairy Tale Bedroom Inspirations You Need To Make Your Own

Nothing will make your child love you more than a fabulous fairy tale bedroom of her own. Well, for now at least.

Vines, moss, trees, birds and little critters all over your daughter’s bedroom is sure to keep her giddy and spending a lot of time in it while you get a bit of peace and quiet in a tub of warm milky water and maybe a sparkling wine in hand.

Hold your horses, though.

It will take a lot of work before you get that extra half hour – three-fourths of an hour if you’re lucky – for yourself.

You need to be creative and inspired to design your child’s space with her enjoyment in mind.

Would her fairy tale bedroom include a tree branch swing?

Tree looking canopy posts? Carpets that looks like moss?

Perhaps tulip-shaped light fixtures?

Too many to think about with too little inspiration.

We got your backs…fairy tale equals enchanted forest. Check these out!

1. Tree Stump Nursery

Everything about this room screams fabulous fairy tale bedroom!

The tree stump crib and the lily pad steps are just plain gorgeous.

Not to mention, the canopy effect is the right amount of pixie dust magic feel to the entire look.

Tree Stump Nursery
Image: www.thinkterior.com/

Adding a large tree nestled at a corner of the room does a lot for the enchanted forest look.

A rope swing would be perfect on the branches of this tree!

Did you notice the twinkle lights on the tree? They look like fireflies!

Two thumbs up to this design!

2. Woodland Wonderland

I love the choice of using a velvety kind of fabric for the rug and the bed. Makes it feel like royalty!

The ceiling is just amazing.

The effect of sleeping under the stars…yes, please!

But, if you do not have the budget – like me – for a glass fiber type of ceiling, try sticking glow in the dark stars instead.

Your child will still find it fun! :)

creative children room ideas 15 2
Image from Bored Panda

3. Tree Bed

I seriously do not know how they made the bedpost and the desk, but I love it!

Most likely, the posts and the desk were specially made by a contractor so start asking around.

This looks fairy tale bedroom legit.

4. Enchanted Fort

Now, this is something even your boys would fall in love with instantly.

What could be cooler than a fort? An enchanted fort, that’s what!

The amount of detail in this room only shows how much creativity and attention was also poured in.

A true effort of love for your kid if you pull this off! Woot woot!

Image from Pinterest

5. A Bed of Vines

Major “Into the Woods” feel on this bed frame. Can’t say I hate the cold dark mystic vibe it gives.

This reminds me of Bella Swan of Twilight and her personality.

Other than that, this design is Maleficent!

Get it?

Image from Pinterest

6. Tree Wardrobe Cabinet

This is by far one of the coolest fairy tale bedroom concepts I’ve ever seen. To make a wardrobe out of a tree is insanely awesome.

Plus, this room has sucked me in a Sleeping Beauty cottage dimension, and I don’t think I’d ever want to leave.

Perfect for either a nursery, a kids bedroom or a play room.

Image from Pinterest

7. Forest Playroom

The wallpaper might be a bit too crowded but because there’s a massive tree in between the two walls, it complements the wallpaper to a tee.

I’m sort of expecting Winnie the Pooh and gang to pop out any second.

Leave more stuffed animals laying around and you got yourself you very own Hundred Acre Wood!

You can also incorporate this into your fairy tale bedroom by adding more bedroom furniture in replacement of playroom ones.

Image from Pinterest

8. Tree Lamp

If doesn’t give you a Disney princess cottage feel, I don’t know what will.

Well, maybe more of a Peter Pan feel?

Either way, this tree filled with hanging lamps is the ultimate warmth giver.

Ignore the man behind the tree because taking inspiration from this and incorporating it into your bedroom design will take the plain to absolutely fab!

Just make sure your kid can’t just reach up and pull the light off the tree.

Image from Pinterest

Got the inspiration you needed?

Don’t forget, accents and other furniture would also add a lot of character to your fairy tale bedroom.

A vintage-looking flower lamp or a rustic bookshelf would be excellent for the woodsy effect.

Don’t limit yourself. If your budget allows it, then go for it! Consult mural artists and contractors to see what can be done. More creative heads are better than one.

Go on. Create the best fairy tale bedroom you can for your kids!

Got any brilliant suggestions? Leave them in the comment box below!

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