Double the Fun – 15 Gorgeous Twins Nurseries

Double the Fun - 15 Gorgeous Twins Nurseries

Double the trouble? Then it’s most definitely double the fun!

At least, when it comes to decorating the nursery, right?

The current trend for twins nurseries is all about gender neutral – soft tones of grey, white or pastel tones of pink and blue. Choose a specific theme for your nursery or stick to more generic feel with some quality furnishing.

Here are my top 15 styles any bundles of joy would happily drift off!

1Nordic Style

nurseries for twins 1

Simplicity and white tones are the staple of this Scandinavian style nursery for twins. Gender neutral is always a bonus!

2Grey & White Tones

twins nurseries

Beautiful tones of grey and combinations with white make you feel like you’re on a cloud when you enter this nursery.

3Who needs a crib

twins nurseries 5
Image: Instagram user mamamargaritha

… when you can have a hanging cradle! Brilliant, I want one of these! (please note: for safety reasons never put soft toys or blankets next to baby’s face)

4Striped Wall

twins nurseries 4

Neutral striped wall and canvas prints of both babies, adorable.

5Woodland Nursery

twins nurseries 3
twins nurseries 3a

Vibrant and colorful, ideal for two little girls!


6Playful Safari Nursery

twins nurseries 9
twins nurseries 9am

Playful, yet sophisticated with a little safari theme going on.


7Chalkboard Wall Nursery

twins nurseries 10

When the kids get older, they can use it for their art adventures.

8Neutral with Round Cribs

twins nurseries 11a
twins nurseries 11

Round cribs are the hit of previous and this year. Here is how to make them stand out!


9Cartoons and Candy

twins nurseries 12
twins nurseries 12a

How happy would you be to stay in this casa? Cheerful bright room full of happiness.


10Draped Ceiling

twins nurseries 13

This place looks literally like heaven.

11Fit for a Princess

twins nurseries 15

.. or two. Treat them like a royalty and dedicate one glorious room like this just to those little girls.

12Featured Play Wall

twins nurseries 156

Feature their favorite toys or books.

13Bright Cribs

twins nurseries 18

Make them the centerpiece of the whole room with this bright design.

14Go Bold

twins nurseries 16
pottery barn

For boys room, experiment with bold statement colors!

15Vintage Inspired

twins nurseries 14

Add few vintage details to add a bit of a personality to a small nursery.

Which one of these is your favorite? Do you have a particular style you used in your nursery for your twins? Leave a comment below!