Double the Fun – 20+ Gorgeous Twin Nurseries

Double the trouble? Then it’s most definitely double the fun!

At least, when it comes to decorating the nursery, right?

The current trend for twin nurseries is all about gender-neutral – soft tones of grey, white, or pastel tones of pink and blue. Choose a specific theme for your nursery or stick to a more generic feel with some quality furnishing.

Here are my top 15 styles any bundles of joy would happily drift off!

Gorgeous Twin Nurseries

1. Boho Vibes

Twin nurseries with boho vibes are great both for baby boys, and baby girls. With neutral, pastel colors they easily could match any interior.

twin nurseries


2. Floral Chic

Blush pink, golden framed mirror, and statement chandelier- all chic elements for a gorgeous girly twin nursery.

twin nurseries


3. Little Ladies Nursery

twin nurseries


4. Farmhouse Twin Nurseries

twin nurseries

source: Antique Farmhouse

5. Black& White Twin Nursery

Gender-neutral, timeless, with a golden touch!

twin nurseries


6. Bright Twin Nursery

Bold and bright for a happy girl/boy twin fun!

tein nurseries


7. Canu Nursery

Farmhouse touch with earth tones, elements, and fabrics.

twin nurseries


8. Nordic Style

Simplicity and white tones are the staple of this Scandinavian-style nursery for twins. Gender-neutral is always a bonus!

Twin Nurseries

9. Grey & White Tones

Beautiful tones of grey and combinations with white make you feel like you’re on a cloud when you enter this nursery.

twin nurseries

10. Who Needs a Crib

… when you can have a hanging cradle! Brilliant, I want one of these! (please note: for safety reasons never put soft toys or blankets next to the baby’s face)

Twin Nurseries


11. Striped Wall

The neutral striped wall and canvas prints of both babies are adorable.

Twin Nurseries

12. Woodland Nursery

Vibrant and colorful, ideal for two little girls!

Twin Nurseries
twins nurseries 3a


13. Playful Safari Nursery

Playful, yet sophisticated with a little safari theme going on.

Twin Nurseries
twins nurseries 9am


14. Chalkboard Wall Nursery

When the kids get older, they can use it for their art adventures.

Twin Nurseries

15. Neutral with Round Cribs

Round cribs are the hit of previous and this year. Here is how to make them stand out!

Twin Nurseries
twins nurseries 11


16. Cartoons and Candy

How happy would you be to stay in this casa? A cheerful bright room full of happiness.

Twin Nurseries
twins nurseries 12a


17. Draped Ceiling

This place looks literally like heaven.

twins nurseries 13

18. Fit for a Princess

.. or two. Treat them like royalty and dedicate one glorious room like this just to those little girls.

twins nurseries 15

19. Featured Play Wall

Feature their favorite toys or books.

twins nurseries 156

20. Bright Cribs

Make them the centerpiece of the whole room with this bright design.

twins nurseries 18

21. Go Bold

For the boy’s room, experiment with bold statement colors!

twins nurseries 16
pottery barn

22. Vintage Inspired

Add a few vintage details to add a bit of a personality to a small nursery.

twins nurseries 14

Which one of these is your favorite? Do you have a particular style you used in your nursery for your twins? Leave a comment below! 

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  1. I think a lot of parents DON’T know about blankets etc. It wasn’t always the way…so photos may influence a young mother who is unaware.These babies are sleeping….and putting things around them after they fell asleep for a photo may have awakened (unless they do as photographers tend to now and turn up the temp to keep them sleeping). But in the one on the right it looks like that blanket is up against the baby to keep the pacifier in place….I found several other photos with similar blanket, cloth diaper and toys , stuffed animals in the babies’ beds on her instagram acct. No tone or attitude here- just think that passing along without a disclaimer can be seen as an endorsement.

  2. I noticed the same thing. Although it’s a lovely photo, some parents really don’t know better. The photo models a very unsafe bedding habit – having stuffed animals, blankets and loose items in with your infant significantly increases the chance of SIDS. Perhaps a disclaimer with the photo would help new parents enjoy the picture but recognize it’s not something to be imitated.

  3. Delete the photo of the babies in their beds stuffed up with blankets and things with them! If youre a mother you KNOW that is not a safe thing, even for just a photo! How could anyone trust anything you have to say on your blog?

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