10 Playroom Design And Décor Tips To Delight Your Kids

Are you setting up a playroom for your kids? Great! The playroom can quickly become your child’s favorite place to be. It’s also the place where many fond childhood memories are born.

Still, deciding what to put into a playroom can be somewhat challenging. You want to create a safe space for your child to have fun and let out all their excitement.

The playroom should be a space to play with toys, jump around, do crafting activities, etc. You may also find the playroom an ideal place to bond with your child or a favorite place for children to play with their friends. Children are unlikely to show interest in a playroom that’s dull, so how will you make it fun?

Keep reading to learn design and décor tips to create your kid’s perfect playroom.

Playroom Design And Décor Tips

1. Stuffed Toys

What adds more coziness and fun to a kids’ room than a collection of stuffed toys?

They look good, they’re fun, and your child will probably keep a few around even as they grow into adults. Furthermore, their softness adds some extra cushioning to the room for those days when kids are running wild.

You can get them in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Giant plushies can even be used as seats or pillows. Find the perfect collection of plushies for your kids’ playroom over at this website.

2. Incorporate A Wall Chalkboard

Give your child a place to doodle and scribble whenever the mood hits. Wall chalkboards are easier to install than you may think. Yes, you could buy a hard chalkboard and set it up.

There are smaller, lightweight options are available. Stick-on chalkboards have been around for a while and they come as rolled-up stickers.

All you need to do is unravel it and then place it wherever you want. Easy and simple, right? Just remember to place it where kids can comfortably reach it.

3. Easy-To-Clean Floors Will Save Lots Of Time

Playroom Design And Décor Tips

This one’s just as much for the parents as it’s for the children. Playrooms will inevitably get messy. If your children enjoy the room, there’s nothing that’ll prevent that.

But you can make the cleanup process easier with your floor choice. Carpets and rugs might be soft and fuzzy, but what’ll you do when something eventually spills?

Your best bet is a rug that’s easy to toss in the washer. Consider something less absorbent and more stain-resistant for the built-in floor.

The playroom presents an excellent opportunity to teach kids to clean up after themselves. 

4. Put Your Kids’ Artwork On Display

Imagine the smile of delight on their faces when your kids see you’ve created a special space just for displaying their masterpieces.

What’s more, is that this brings some personal décor into the playroom. Use the display space to put up your kid’s favorite artworks, drawings, and paintings, or even put up some craft projects that you did together.

5. Comfy Seating Options

Kids eventually exhaust their energy and need to sit down for a bit. Ensure the playroom has sufficient seating options.

Include something low and soft, but also consider some miniature furniture, like miniature desks and chairs, for when your kids need a surface to work on. Pillows and beanbags make great options for sitting on the floor.

6. Add A Nap Area

Adding onto the previous point, sometimes your kids will need a good nap after a jumpy, busy play session. A nap space gives your child the perfect spot to recharge after they’ve used all their energy.

The extra benefit of this nap area is that it’ll allow you to enjoy some quiet time while knowing your child is safe.

7. Make It Feel Natural

A warm, natural-feeling room makes it easier for your kid to relax.

All it takes is a few wooden accessories, surfaces, something bamboo, maybe DIY some woven baskets for toy storage, or anything else with a natural look and texture.  

8. Dress Up Stations Are Fun

Many children love to dress up. Why not make one corner of their playroom into a dress-up corner?

If your child enjoys dress-up games, a dedicated station will help keep things together and easily accessible. Setup can be made simple with clothes hanging rack, some clothes hangers, a basket or two, and a mirror.

Playroom Design And Décor Tips

9. Storage Space Is Essential

Without enough storage space, a playroom will become nothing more than a messy toy clutter. Make sure your child’s playroom has plenty of storage space.

Shelves, crates, baskets, storage blocks, and suspended wall shelves are all viable storage options for a playroom. Just ensure there’s nothing that can fall or potentially hurt your child.

10. Color And Themes

Of course, the core of décor is the color and theme of the room. Think about sticking to a specific color scheme or theme.

For example, you could go with a blue and green color scheme, which would work perfectly with an ‘under the sea’ theme. Remember, there’s no set rule for this, and you have the freedom to do as you please. 


Congratulations, you now know how you’re doing to design and decorate the new playroom for your kids! You probably can’t wait to see the look on their faces.

As you create the room, remember that every child is different, and nobody knows your child better than you do. You know what they’ll like. Have fun!

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