Stunning Nursery Trends

Are you designing a nursery for your bundle of joy? Do you need a little inspiration?

In that case, watch out for these stunning trends taking over!

Inspiration from nursery experts at Share & Enjoy!

1. Go Tribal

Natural tones, furry carpets, cozy teepee & plenty of funky decor!


2. Mini Living Room

Transform the nursery into a cozy miniature living-room filled with comfy seats, family photos, and gentle pastel hues. By Eclectically Vintage.


3. Calm Colors

Last year was all about contrast, bold combinations and making a statement. This year, the trend is more toned down, with natural calming colors, gentle patterns, and simple design furnishing.


4.  Graphic Bedding

Very rare to see in nurseries these days, but visual elements on bedding are THE thing for 2015! Found at


5.  Back to Nature

Bring the nature indoors with simple nature inspired accessories, like this DIY baby mobile!  Found at


6. Chalkboard Wall

You’ve probably seen plenty of examples of boring one-dimensional chalkboard walls. In 2015, get more creative and use them in an innovative way, to compliment existing shapes and textures, like the example below from


7.  Mixing Patterns

Now be careful here. If not executed properly, it can end up as design disaster! Take an inspiration below from TheBooAndTheBoy

8. Baby Clothes as Decor

Don’t hide them in the closet when you can display them beautifully on a piece of suspended driftwood.


9. Unusual Lighting

Modern lights are standard in living spaces, but why not use them in a nursery to add even more style?


10.  Black & White

Forget about pink & blue, black & white is trending right now! Inspiration from

image credits: All Home List

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