If you’re one of the families self-isolating at home or obeying government orders not to leave your house, after a few days of doing board games with your kids, life may get a little challenging.

Especially with kids involved. Working from home while looking after little people and their wellbeing is no easy task.

If you’re home is like mine, and there’s Lego hanging out in place you would never expect it to, here’s great news – you can use it for endless entertainment of kids.

All you need is to get them excited about a project or a game that will keep them occupied for hours. Below are some of our favorites, suitable for a mix of ages and skillsets.

If all else fails, there are lots of online videos and tutorials for building something really cool from the pile of Legos hanging out in your house.

Let them pick their favorite and have fun!

1Lego City Maze for Cars

2Lego Duplo Ring Toss


3Lego Memory Game

4Lego Zip Line

5Lego Spoon Race

6Race Track

7Lego Addition Game

8Lego Mini Golf

9Lego Catapult

10Lego Bridge Building Challenge

11Lego Balloon Cards

12Lego Fraction Games

13Rescue Lego Men from Ice

14Where are My Pants Lego Game

15Lego Printable Challenge Cards

16Lego Science Scavenger Hunt

17Duplo Color Matching Challenge

18Lego Marble Maze

19Tic Tac Toe Game

20Lego I Spy Bag

21Lego Brain Puzzle

22Lego Football

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