10 Best Jobs in the World You Never Heard of

If you have an awesome job, you can consider yourself very lucky. Imagine waking up on Monday morning feeling excited and happy about start of new work week. Sounds like science fiction?

Well, if you score one of these ten awesome jobs, pretty much guaranteed you will be grinning ear to ear even on a Monday morning.

Professional panda hugger

Get paid for hugging cute pandas. Actually, there is more to the job – you also have to feed them, monitor them and clean them. Where do I apply?

This girl got the best volunteering job you can dream off – taking care of panda cubs while their mom rests.

Pros: unlimited cuddly time

Cons: can’t bring them home with you


A profession you’ve never heard of? Penguinologist studies and specialize in anything related to penguins. The fancy job was taken by Dr Tom Hart who works at penguinologist in London ZOO and researches the threats to antarctic penguins.

Pros: visiting Antarctica and having a cool business card

Cons: requires education

Water slide Tester

Travel to exotic destinations and rate travel agencies’ water slides and attractions. Get paid on sliding down a water slide? Sounds like the ultimate graduate job? One lucky guy called Sebastian Smith got just that – he was a water slide tester for First Choice and his predecessor even spent four years doing this demanding job. The pay? £20,000 a year (approximately 25.900 USD)

Pros: live like a child every day

Cons: you’ll never want to visit another water park after this

LEGO sculptor

I love playing with LEGO. In fact, I bought it for my kid just so that I can play with it too. For some people it has become a profession – the LEGO company has a number of certified professionals who create sets and build models for production. These jobs are based in Legoland Discovery Centres around the world and are pretty hard to get.

Pros: Pretty obvious, right?

Cons: Long hours in the “office”

This guy even quit corporate law to become a professional LEGO sculptor!

Duvet Tester

A department store in England has employed a specialist duvet tester to choose the most comfortable bedding for customers. The guy who got the job, Jo Unsworth, says: “it’s probably the only career where sleeping on the job is actively encouraged.”

Pros: expert in the bedroom

Cons: what do you do at night?

Island Caretaker

The Queensland Tourism Board announced that they are accepting applications for the best job in the world in 2009. The job was created to raise awareness about the islands and gain more tourist attention. From thousands of applications, Britt Ben Southall got the job, earning 75.700 USD for just 6 months of “work”.

The duties? Swimming, exploring, scuba diving, filming and blogging about the whole experience.  After his six months in the best job in the world, Ben scored another great opportunity – he became the Global Tourist Ambassador at Tourism Queensland. One lucky guy, right?

Pros: living the dream

Cons: swimming and scuba diving can get exhausting

Champagne Tester

Get paid for drinking champagne? Any day!

Olivier Krug runs House of Krug, a champagne house run by generations of his family. He travels the world, supervises the vineyard and wine production process and most importantly, tastes a lot of champagne.

Pros: free booze all week

Cons: your liver might not be as excited as you

Shark Tank Cleaner

If you like a bit of adrenaline and want to boost your career of a window cleaner, this will be something for you. You’ll encounter sharks and snap-happy tourists all day, not sure which one is worse. For a thrill seekers, this is the job of dreams.

Pros: awesome business card

Cons: high life insurance policy cost

Professional Sleeper

There are actually a few companies offering the position of a professional sleeper – a hotel in Finland was looking for a blogger to review the beds in their brand new hotel and get paid for it. NASA was looking for volunteers to stay in bed for 70 days for salary around 10.000 USD and the applicants were required to do nothing else except to stay in bed.

Pros: enough beauty sleep that you will never need Botox

Cons: it can get pretty boring, especially if you’re alone in the bed

Submarine cook

If you don’t have an issue with tight spaces and being underwater, then this job might be for you. The highest-paid non-officer in the military is a guy cooking food in submarine. For example in Australia, a chef with six years of experience can earn up to 150.000 USD per year.

Pros: salary

Cons: demanding job with a lot of people crammed in tight spaces

So, if you had to pick one of these jobs, which one would you go for?

For me, the answer is simple – Island Caretaker. I’m off to search for islands that need a new babysitter for a few months. 

Lucia is a freelance writer and part of the editorial team at momooze. She loves covering lifestyle topics, organizing tips and hacks and everything related to good food!

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