7 Secrets to Cut Your Kitchen Cleaning Time in Half

Keeping a clean kitchen is a hefty task no one likes to do. Moms do it because they have to not because they love to. Housekeepers do it because it’s part of their job description and they’re paid to do it.

Most of us? If we could, we’d put off doing the dishes until there’s no room left in the sink for dirty dishes or there are no usable dishes left. For a lot of single people, a clean kitchen is not a fun chore so we decide to just avoid using it completely.

What some of us don’t know, there are actually secrets to keep a clean kitchen and cut your cleaning time in half.  I know. Quite hard to believe but I have personally tried these tricks as I am an avid fan of cooking and the worst part for me is cleaning up.

Plan Your Meals Weekly

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Set one day out your week to just have a cook day. Plan a one week menu based on the number of meals you eat at home since you’re most likely to eat out when you’re at work. Breakfast and dinners for the most part. Having a weekly plan and a once a week cook day means you only clean up a big mess once a week. The rest of the week will just be a light dish washing action for the utensils, plates, containers and glasses you used for your daily meals.

Wash These Kitchen Tools ASAP

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It’s such a pain in the ass to wash utensils with dried up food on it.

You have to soak them for a while before scrubbing the rest off works. How much precious time is wasted with the need to soak them? To avoid this, wash these kitchen utensils as soon as you finish using them to avoid food drying up and hardening on it.

  • Chopping Boards
  • Knives
  • Peelers
  • Whisks
  • Graters
  • Juicers/Food Processors
  • Strainers
  • Other tools you find troublesome to clean later on

Anyway, you got some time while waiting for your stew to simmer. Why not use those minutes and save yourself the hassle after dinner?

Clean as you go

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This the most basic tip and it’s not even a secret. Clean as you go.

If there are massive spills before kitchen clean up, clean them up right away. It will save you the time and the elbow grease necessary for stains and dried up spillages. Have a rug handy wherever you are in the kitchen and wipe your work space as you go.

Consider a faucet with a built-in filter to help reduce water spots when cleaning dishes.

Soak Burned Pots and Pans

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For me personally, pots and pans are eyesores to a clean kitchen.

Especially if your kitchen set up has hanging pots and pans. They are super difficult to scrub when they get burned. I’m a pretty decent cook so this doesn’t often happen to me but on the occasion that it does, my got to solution is vinegar or soda. Soaking burned pots and pans in a water-vinegar or soda solution overnight will massively decrease your scrubbing time and also your cleaning time.

I mean, why waste energy and time if you know those burn marks won’t be coming off anytime tonight, right?

Clear Your Counters

source: ramblerhouseplants.com source: ramblerhouseplants.com

Nothing is more of an eye-catching eyesore than a cluttered kitchen counter.

Keeping a clean kitchen majorly lies on the cleanliness of your kitchen counters. The cleaner and more organized they are, the lesser you have to maintain. Put things back where they belong and if you’ve never taken the time to assign them rightful places, then doing so might be a good start.

Make Your Clean Kitchen To-Do List

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If you are the type to make a to-do list then great! If you’re not, now’s the time to be one.

Make a weekly to-do list of the things you want to clean up or maintain in the kitchen. For example, week one could be cleaning the stove and then the following week could steam mop the kitchen floor. Make a cycle of the big tasks you have around the kitchen and stick to it. You’ll find day to day kitchen clean ups as easy as loading the dishwasher and putting the dishes away.

Time Yourself

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There are so many things in life that are far more important than cleaning up. Then, there the other things that are not as important but take so much of our time – like Facebook and Instagram perhaps?

Set a timer for yourself. Say, you want to be done in 15 minutes. Set the timer and in that 15 minutes, focus on cleaning up – no phone calls, texts, Facebook chats, nothing. You’ll be surprised how much cleaning you get done within 15 minutes of dedicated cleaning. Pretty soon, you’ll be used to those 15-minute clean-ups, your body will work like clockwork going through a routine.

Cheap Cleaning Tips

How to deep clean your kitchen from DoItOnaDime – once a year, do a deep clean of your whole kitchen – this video will show you how to get it done – using cheap ingredients and cleaning products.

You will be surprised with some of the basis household products used to clean the oven, rags in the oven, fridge doors and more. Check this video and make notes for your next big clean.

YouTube video

5 Weird Kitchen Cleaning Tips That REALLY Work

Some surprising cleaning tips from ClutterBug. Baking soda, toothbrush, olive oil and boat wax will be your weapons of choice.

YouTube video

These are full-proof tried and tested secrets sure to get you well on your way to a clean kitchen and keeping it.

Try it for yourself. What have you got to lose anyway? Nothing except a much cleaner kitchen.

For those who hate long kitchen cleaning hours, like me, these are perfect for you. They’re quick though frequent and sure to get the job done. Try it for a week. You’ll be patting yourself on the back for succeeding in keeping a clean kitchen for a straight week! Then it’ll become habitual.

Do we have any clean kitchen masters here? Share your secrets with us in a comment below!

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