35+ Roar-Worthy Dinosaur Snacks Party Ideas Straight out of Jurassic Park

Planning a dinosaur party? Coming up with ideas for Dinosaur snacks couldn’t be easier!

Get inspired by Jurassic Park and pull out your kid’s Dinosaur books to get planning. No matter what age your kids are – whether preschool or older kids – they will all enjoy dinosaur-themed snacks to get them into a party mood.

For smaller kids, keep it simple – dinosaur popcorn, some dino cookies or a fossil dirt dig challenge will get them excited and their bellies full. Don’t forget to also offer some food for herbivores – fresh veggies with humus dip is a crowd-pleaser.

Mix in healthy dinosaur snacks with some naughty treats like dinosaur inspired ice cream or lava cakes. Pull out your cooking supplies and save your favorite ideas from this page into your Pinterest account.

Happy party planning!

1Dinosaur Popcorn

2Dino Eggs

3Dinosaur Bone Pretzels

source: Pinterest

4Snacks for Herbivores

5Dino Claws

6Dino Bones

7Dinosaur Fossil Cookies

8Stego Spikes

9Pteradon Nests

10Dino Eggs from Rice Crispies

11Dino Fruit Skewers

12Dino Dig Parfait

13Dino Dirt Cups

source: Pinterest

14Dino Footprint Cookies

15Fruit Dinosaur

16Dinosaur Dig Snack

17Healthy Dinosaur Snacks

18Frozen Dinosaur Snacks

19Dinosaur Pizza Pockets

20Volcano Brownie Bites

21Homemade Gummy Dinosaur Snacks

22Kiwi Fruit Eggs

23Dinosaur Ice Cream

24Jurassic World Pizza

25Dinosaur Marshmallow Pops

26Snacks Display

27Jurassic World Lava Cakes

28Jurassic World Dino Cookies

29Jurassic World Themed Drinks

30Dinosaur Snacks Mix

source: Pinterest

31Raptor Claws

source: Pinterest

32Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

33Dinosaur Biscuits

34Elegant Dinosaur Cookies

35Dinosaur Nest Cupcakes

36Strawberry Volcanoes

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35+ Roar-Worthy Dinosaur Snacks Party Ideas Straight out of Jurassic Park



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