20+ Best Food Ideas for Kids Party

chocolate cones

Planning food for little children is sometimes a bit trickier. Kids do have a sensitive digestive system and thus if exposed to the harsh digestion process, they may end-up having frequent stomach/health complications. Due to this problem, choosing a kid’s party food calls for great attention. As trickier as it may be, choosing kid’s party food can be simple and easier if the correct remedies are applied.

One thing you should always put in mind when choosing/preparing foods for a kid’s party is that the foods shouldn’t be too sugary neither should it be too fatty. Sugary and fatty foods normally cause heartburns and this means that the kids will feed less than expected. When planning for a kid’s party, make sure that the foods prepared/ordered are not too fatty and should not contain too much sugar. Not to forget, the foods here should not be too spicy. These food contents should be incorporated with much attention and care lest you end-up messing the kid’s party.

Nevertheless, this article should end all your worries about selecting foods for a kid’s party. Our extensive research shows that there are appropriate foods for a kid’s party. Below, is a list of the best food ideas for your kid’s party? Read on and learn more.

Chopped Fruits

If you are a true parent, you should be aware of what fruits do to your child’s health. With scientific proof, fruits are naturally healthy. Do not forget kids love feeding on sweet foods (foods with sugar content) most fruits contain a healthy amount of sugar are juicy and tasty so the kids will love feeding on the fruits as well. Make your kid’s party joyous with healthy foods full of delicacy.

chopped fruit

Potato chips and popcorn

Honestly speaking, including a bag of potato chips on your kid’s party table will be a good idea ever. In fact a great idea for that matter. Potato chips go hand in hand with popcorns. In other words, they fall into the same category. However, it’s wise to have one at a time. .i.e. you can decide to substitute potato chips with popcorn and vice versa.

potatoes popcorn

Frog in a pond

This one of the most favorite delicacies disappearing in most kids parties in the recent times. If only you knew how appealing it is to the children, you will always have it in every kid’s party. All you do is to make a jelly and give it time to settle then sink a chocolate frog in. The chocolate shouldn’t be too much to avoid feeding the kids with too much sugar.

frog in a pond

Fairy bread

It seems like you are in for the best ideas today. Fairy bread is a wonderful kid’s party delicacy. Not only for the kids, are even adults recently falling in love with fairy bread. The preparation quite similar to that of a white bread. Butter the bread and do some

Sprinkling on the top to make look more appealing. You may choose to cut the bread into various shapes to make it look fancy.

fairy bread

Butternut squash cheeses straws

It looks kind of difficult to prepare but actually, it is not. All that you need is ready-made puff pastry to prepare the straws. Don’t forget to include butternut squash for delicacy addition.

cheese straws

Skewers with avocado, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella

Surely this kind of food should never miss on your kid’s party table. So delicious and healthy. The making is simple and easy to understand. The preparation is clearly understandable from the image.

avocado mozarella

Courgette pizza bites

You should really allow the kids to give Courgette a go. Trust they might end up loving it. It makes an amazing kid’s party snuck full of fun. Include an extra portion of vegetables on your kid’s party table with courgette pizza bites. The recipe is easy to understand, even the kids can prepare the snuck by themselves.

zucchini pizza bites

Baby-friendly hummus

This is another perfect food to include in the list for your kid’s party. It is prepared with carrots, peppers, and cucumber. All you need to do is to chop the carrot and deep them into a bread-stick in a medium tin.

pea hummus

Cheesy breadsticks

This is too delicious to miss on your kid’s party table. Besides is healthy and free from too many sugars and fats. The recipe is quite easy and simple to follow. You can actually get the kids involved. They will surely enjoy the making of the sausage-shaped cheesy breadsticks

bread sticks

Watermelon doughnuts

Get a bit creative and make fruit doughnuts. Watermelons are recently emerging among the best fruits available. It’s time you kept your kid move with the trend. Making the watermelon doughnuts makes it fancy for the kids to eat. I recommend a doughnut shape because of kids like doughnuts. The doughnuts should be made with the inner part of the melon only.

watermelon donuts

Raw chocolate brownie cake pops

Surely I can’t imagine that any kid will resist these cake pops. The pops are made of date and nuts. The pops are free from refined sugar. You can actually choose to have them as energy bites instead of cake pops. The taste remains to be the same.

cake pops

Chocolate coconut dipped satsumas

You can imagine how the kids will be happy feeding on these satsumas dipped in a mixture of coconut chocolate. This will extremely awesome for your lovely kids. The preparation as seen is simple.

chocolate dipped

Banana biscuits

The idea is to come with the best healthy and delicious food for your kid’s party. Making banana biscuits for the kid’s party will be a great idea. The preparation process is simple and fast. The biscuits can be made ahead of the party and be frozen in batches.

banana biscuits

Melon ship

We getting creative with the fruits again here. Always try to get healthy and homemade foods for the kid’s party. The melon is also referred to as the Santa clause melon. The image shows clearly how to make the melon ship

melon ship

Rainbow fruit skewers

I do not know any kid that will resist such kind of a delicious combination. The fruit skewers are truly gorgeous. I can bet it feels amazing munching on them. The kids will be overwhelmed to have such a delicacy on the party table.

fruit skewers

Chocolate dipped fruit cones

This another amazing snuck for the kids. Is just another way to make fruits a little more appealing and exciting to your picky kids? Just get your chocolate dipped cones and fill them with different colored fruits.

chocolate cones

Homemade raspberry chia jam tarts

This kind of jam tart contains zero refined sugar and thus good for your kids’ party. Not only for the kid’s party, can you chose homemade raspberry jam tarts for breakfast or even as snacks.

chia jam

Sunny picnic quiches

This is a food every kid will love without hesitation. It is a kind of sunny picnic quenches that your kid can enjoy both at a kids party and in her/his lunchbox. The preparation is quite simple and easy.

picnic quiche


Guacamole is easy to prepare. It all depends on the age of the kids and their preferences. You can exclude the chili and salt and either leave this chunky or blend it up until it’s smooth.


Healthy first birthday cake

Cakes are common and expected to be on the table of every party. This Healthy First Birthday Cake is prepared with zero refined sugar or sweeteners. It makes a great smash cake even with the absence of the refined sugar.

first birthday cake

Chocolate cherry smoothie

Remember, a party will not be complete without a drink. For those who know how much kids love chocolate drinks, they should be on my side when I say that chocolate cherry smoothie shouldn’t miss on your kid’s party table. It’s surely a perfect drink for your kids. It’s healthy and exciting as well.

chocoalte smoothie


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