Cool and Creative Food Art that will Excite All Picky Eaters

Are you struggling to get the kids eat their greens?

Let’s be honest; broccoli is not as exciting as a bar of chocolate, is it!

Luckily, some creative parents came up with a solution – turn their greens and fruits into a piece of art and make breakfast, lunch or dinner a real feast for the eyes.

Here are 15 brilliant food art ideas for your inspiration – they also make great snacks for kids parties or birthday parties.

1. Cool Penguins

Take olives, carrots and cream cheese for a cute healthy snack.

Tutorial by Foodie With Family

image: foodie with family

2. Strawberry Mice

Almost too cute to eat. Tutorial by Eats Amazing.

strawberry mice
Image: Eats Amazing

3. Dragon Burgers

Dad, who was trying to get his son eat greens turned them into a piece of art, which ended up as a collection published as a book.

dragon burgers
Image: daily mail

4. Lady Bug Salad

Cute & healthy!

lady bugs
Image: viral nova

5. Beach Holiday

Made by a Norwegian Artist, check out her book Eat your Art out.


6. Caterpillar Snack

Quick little snack full of vitamins to impress any little artist.

caterpillar snack
Image: viral nova

7. Cheerios Sheep

Who says breakfast can’t be cute?

cheerios sheep
Image: madhouse reviews

8. Little Red Riding Hood

Created by Samantha Lee.

red riding hood
image: Samantha Lee

9. Sea Life

Add patterned place mat for even more impressive effect.

sea life
Image: meet the dubious

10. Little Birdie

An apple a day will keep the doctor away.

little birdie
Image: kitchen fun with my three sons

11. Bunny for Brunch

Little creation by @pomverte.


A photo posted by ** Stéphanie ** (@pomverte) on


12. Octoapple

When grapes and apple meet.

Image: PopSugar

13. Snoopy

by Samantha Lee

image: daily mail

14. Eat Like a Bird

Cinnamon Toasts were transformed into two birds at breakfast.

eat like a bird
Image: PopSugar

15. Chocolate covered Penguins

Chocolate covered frozen bananas dressed as penguins.

fruity penguins
Image: reading confetti

Will you try some of these at home? Don’t forget to send us a picture!

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