kids birthday party food ideas

Forget about ham and cheese sandwiches and organize the best birthday party with these kids’ birthday party food ideas. Cool food ideas to make your kids’ birthday party one of a kind!

I have to admit, today’s kids’ birthday parties are beyond my boldest dream as a kid. On many occasions organizing a kid’s birthday nowadays took at least a month. Choosing a theme, decorating, making guest lists, and of course, choosing food.

To pick a birthday theme is one of the hardest things. You know how quickly kids change their minds. Today they like sweet teddy bears and the next, they refuse to go to school if they are not dressed as a spiderman. So, the same is with food. Now imagine picking party food not only for one kid but for at least of dozen?

Here are some of the coolest kids’ birthday party food ideas! Enjoy it!

1Frog Sandwiches

Small sandwiches on rye or whole wheat. Just pick a bun and show your creativity. Kids love to see different shapes and faces on their food.

2Fruit Snails

kids birthday party food ideas

Cute little snails and bugs made by fruits or veggies. A fresh and healthy snack for the little party animals.

3Fruit Sparklers

Watermelon, pears or apples- they all are great to make different shapes with. Simple and creative way to serve more fruits on your kids birthday.

4Mini Pancakes

When is for a kids birthday, all the food is mini. Mini sandwiches and burgers, mini cupcakes, and of course mini pancakes. Besides kids love pancakes.

5Mac And Cheese Bites

Another favorite kids meal- macarroni and cheese. Served ideal for parties.

6Caramel Apple Grapes

Show your creativity and play with sizes. Offering just a caramel apples is not enough. Make your little guests happy with these tiny caramel grapes.

7Grilled Cheese Pops

A grilled cheese sandwich is something that kids would love to have for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. When you serve it as kids’ birthday party food on a pop stick you will have a bunch of happy kids around you.

8Emoji Burgers

Kids love when their food has a face. Emoji burgers will be your top of the top for kids birthday party food.

9Mouse Crackers

Perfect party snack idea. Choose kids favorite crackers cheese, play with your imagination and you will have funny party food.

10Fruits On A Stick

Simple, healthy and delicious. The combination of banana and strawberries is an absolutely classic that the kids will enjoy.

11Banana Sushi

When you organize a kid’s birthday party you need to be up to date. This banana sushi will impress your little guests.

12Apple Donuts

Donuts that you can eat without feeling guilty and spending hours in the gym. Plus an option to make your kids eat more fruits.

13Chocolate Apples

Chocolate apples on a stick, salty caramel, and pecans…Mmm, yummy, and healthy!

14Sandwich Sticks

Easy sandwich sticks with ham, cheese and some vegetables. Playful way to serve sandwiches for your kids birthday party!

15Chocolate Pudding

Healthy chocolate pudding with avocado, banana, and some cocoa. Easy- peasy, and yummy!

16Waffle Fruits Cones

Crunchy waffles cones filled with juicy, sweet fruits. Kids would love it!

17Veggie Train

One of my favorites kids’ birthday party food ideas so far. Maybe because my kid is obsessed with trains and buses. This is something I would do for his next birthday party for sure.

18Veggie Aligators

Always remember that kids are choosing the food according to how it looks. It is easy to use your imagination and make them eat more vegetables by creating funny shapes.

19Christmas Hats

Lovely party food idea for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

20Reindeer Snacks

The perfect way to make your kids eat celery. These reindeer celery snacks filled with peanut butter are easy to make, you can even prepare them as a school snack.

21Chocolate Banana Pinguins

Surprise your kids with these funny little banana pinguins. They are easy, but extremely original.

22Little Chicks

Boiled eggs could be turned into sweet little chicks that the kids would love to try and eat.

23Unicorn Plate

Welcome the magic and rainbow into your kids birthday party and everything will be just perfect.

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