play dough party ideas

If you’re looking for ways to keep kids busy at the next birthday party, Play Dough is the answer you were looking for!

With plenty of creative outlets for the little hands, selection of colors and safe use for kids of almost all ages, Play Dough has become something of a staple in parties for kids.

As with everything else, a little direction is always hugely appreciated especially by those supervising parents. Whether you go all in with full Play Dough theme or just offer a prepared kit for entertainment, this article will give you lots of options to choose from.

The most popular from these are tables set with a kit for each child, which can have a specific theme for all, or different theme for each child based on their interests.

Get creating and plan a party they won’t forget!

1Cupcake Decorating

2Outer Space Play Dough Kit

3Rainbow Play Dough

4Play Dough Party Invitation

5Party Gift Idea

6Space Play Dough

7Play Dough Station Set up

8Play Dough Inspired Cake

source: Pinterest

9Halloween Play Dough Tray

10Outdoor Play Dough Party

source: Pinterest

11Make Your Own – Unicorn Sparkly Play Dough

12Pumpkin Play Dough

13Make your Own Monster

14Thank You Cards

15Christmas Tree Play Dough Kit

16Another Invitation Inspiration

17Surprise Play Dough Party Favors

18Play Dough City

19Summer Play Dough Kit

20Surprise Cake

21Duck Pond

22Construction Site Play Dough Game

23Balloon Display

source: Pinterest

24Pizza Parlour Party

25Dinosaur Play Dough Kit

26Halloween Play Dough Tray

27Play Dough Tea Party

28Frozen Play Dough Kit

29Unicorns & Rainbows

30Play Dough Fairy Gardens

31Galaxy Play Dough

32Princess Play Dough Kit

33Play Dough Prints

34Winter Play Dough Kit

35Monster Play Dough

36Christmas Play Dough Activity

37Witch Brew Play Dough Kit

38Watermelon Play Dough Kit

39Play Dough Butterflies

40Snowman Play Dough

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play dough party ideas for kids


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