How To Throw A Pandemic-Friendly Birthday Party For Your Child

The pandemic that shook the world has brought about unprecedented changes in the way families live. Work, school, and other activities are now done at home. When you come to think of all the adjustments done for this year, there’s one age group that also had to be pliant to these changes: the children.

If the pandemic has been difficult for adults, think about how challenging it must be for children who now have to change the way they live. Apart from no longer seeing their friends in school, some don’t get to enjoy outdoor activities as many have to stay indoors. There’s also one special occasion children had to make adjustments with: birthdays.

Birthday Party In The New Normal

While the pandemic has canceled many things, this doesn’t mean birthdays have to be any less special. There are many things parents can do to host fun parties. Here are some ideas and tips:

Choose Guests You’re Most Comfortable With

If you’ve gotten used to having many guests and friends over during children’s birthdays, then now’s the time to make some changes. You’ve got to be more cautious about your guest list and limit it to those you’re most comfortable being associated with. 

Generally, kids’ party entertainment should be kept limited to family members within the same household. But if your child’s grandparents live in another home, then they can form a part of your pandemic bubble. This means you can safely include them as a part of your child’s birthday party guests.

Set A Clear Budget

For some families, the pandemic may have also brought a strain on their budget. If you belong to these, then you have to set a clear budget for your kids’ birthdays. The good news with this is with pandemic parties, the guest list is very limited, so the expenses will be lesser as well.

Just be sure to keep track of your expenditures, whether it’s for the cake, food, decoration, and others. This is a good factor to help you determine if there are any areas in the birthday expense you’ve got to adjust on, so you can still stay within budget.

Bring In Balloons

Balloons are a no-fail for children. You can always pre-order balloons and then blow them up by yourself. If you don’t have an electric balloon pump yet, it’s a good idea for you to buy one as doing so is cheap anyway. In this way, every time your children celebrate their birthday, you can always have balloons you’ve prepped by yourself.

If you don’t feel you’ve got the prowess to design your balloon decorations or arches, you can also look for balloon arrangements. This would be a nice surprise for your kids to wake up to.

Bring Out A Birthday Cake

What’s a birthday without a birthday cake? If you can bake one for your kids, then go ahead and do so! You don’t have to stress yourself with the cake as there are many ways you can cut corners and still make it special. Box cakes are available in any supermarket, so baking your cake can be fast.

If you’ve got a trusted cake baker, then you can also buy one from the bakeshop. Kids are fine with cake, sweets, and ice cream! A cake with their favorite cartoon character will always make them happy on their day.

Ask About Sanitation Practices

Depending on where you’re from, there are also places where kids are slowly allowed back in restaurants and party venues. If this applies to you, then you can relax a bit and enjoy a small gathering with your family and closest friends in a party venue. Just be sure you ask about what the sanitation practices are, so you know you’re keeping your kids absolutely safe. 

During the party, you can provide a sanitation station upon entry like providing face masks and alcohol for every guest. The place must also have a disinfectant foot mat, so everyone’s shoes would be clean. 


With the tips above, are you now ready to prepare for your child’s party? As you can see, there are many ways to make your child’s birthday just as special as it would’ve been without the pandemic. While there may be considerable challenges to get it done, these can all be overcome with your desire to make your child’s day extra special. 

Remember that parties don’t have to be grand for them to be considered special. The ideas above can give your child a memorable birthday.

Julie Higgins
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