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We bring you a dozen of delicious and easy recipes to teach and share with your kids – cooking with the little ones offers a great bonding opportunity and you can effortlessly pass on some valuable intuitive knowledge about food, nutrition, culture and tradition that will stay with them for a lifetime!

The recipes vary in simplicity or difficulty depending on age, but many of these are stove-free and all of them are all suitable for preschoolers!

Teaching kids how to cook is a gradual process – you start with introducing them to types of foods and food combinations, then to handling various utensils and appliances, and finally, one day, they will move on to simply absorbing cooking techniques and new recipes from you.

It is usually both fun and educational and it is one of those rare moments where the young ones take on extra responsibility willingly and with great enthusiasm. And one day, if you let yourself daydream, maybe you’ll even let them cook dinner if you’re too exhausted after work!

This mouth-watering selection of easy recipes for kids to make themselves covers various dish types, from sandwiches and wraps to salads and sweet treats! Get your rolling pins and cutting boards ready!

1Apple and Peanut Butter Stackers

These sliced apple sandwiches are easy and fun to prepare and you can also come up with your own ideas of what to sprinkle over the generous peanut butter layer!

Recipe here.

2Peanut Butter Fudge

This mouth-watering fudge recipe doesn’t require baking and the mix can easily be prepared by preschoolers for just 5 minutes! It includes delicious ingredients, such as maple syrup, coconut oil and peanut butter. Just put in the blender and freeze for half an hour.

Recipe here.

3Flax Seed Mug Muffins

Flax seeds are a healthy addition to a chocolatey snack and kids can prepare these for 10-15 minutes. Depending on the age of the kid, an adult may be needed to help break the egg and take the steaming hot cup out of the microwave after the needed one and a half minute passes. This would be a great opportunity to show kids how to be careful around heat in the kitchen!

Recipe here.

4Peanut Butter Treats

There is no baking involves here, just stirring the ingredients and shaping them into balls. These make for such a yummy treat!

Recipe here.

5Raspberry-Kissed Frozen Yoghurt Bites

Imagine yogurt, lemon zest, honey and raspberries on your palate! This recipe is great for parties and gatherings since the bites look bright and sophisticated and can be beautifully presented on the dinner table. Involving the young ones in the preparations for special occasions and holidays can create such wonderful memories for all family members to cherish.

Recipe here.

6Cookie Dough Dip

This recipe involves using a mixer and it only takes 10 mins. Adding chocolate chip cookies and M’&M’s is the fun part! Ok, yes, devouring it too!

Recipe here.

7Peanut Butter Banana Pops

These crunchy treats are easily coated in peanut butter and rolled in crushed nuts, broken biscuit pieces and cereal!

Recipe here.

8Nutella and Banana Sushi

No worries, there is no rice paper involved here! This simple recipe uses tortillas instead for the rolls and requires only a few of the most delicious ingredients imaginable (visual hint: strawberries and chocolate!). Easy peasy!

Recipe here.

9Chicken Carnival Cones

You don’t need to teach your 5-year-old how to roast the chicken yet, but if you have some leftovers, you can let them prepare the wraps and add cheese and other veggies. Preparation time is only 5 mins and cooking takes 15 mins.

Recipe here.

10Turkey & Apricot Wraps

Letting kids make their own sandwiches is a great early prep for future university life! This great recipe combines savory and sweet – deli turkey and apricot preserves – in a simple and delightful way, and both you and the kids will love taking a bite of it!

Recipe here.

11Fresh Fruit Salad

A fresh multi fruit salad can take longer, since the child needs to cut all fruits individually. This recipe mixes sour feta cheese, lettuce and all-time fruit favorites, like pineapples, blueberries, green grapes and strawberries. Adding raspberry dressing on top makes it just right!

Recipe here.

12Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

Finally, we had to add a smoothie recipe to the selection, because of its many health benefits and rising popularity. There is actually a multitude of fancy chocolate and avocado smoothie recipes out there, but this one keeps it down to 3 basic ingredients: chocolate milk, banana and avocado. Here is an opportunity for you to teach your little sprout how to use a blender, measuring cups and other kitchen supplies!

Recipe here.

Happy cooking!


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