Back To School Lunch Box Ideas For Your Kids

Back to school is an exciting moment for both kids and parents. Kids are getting back to their routine and parents need some back to the school lunch box ideas.

One thing is sure, this autumn back to school is going to be a little bit more special. After the lockdown in the spring, kids are more exhilarated to see their friends and teachers. To spend the time between classes chatting and telling fun stories. To share moments together and of course to share food from their lunch boxes.

During midday, when it is time for lunch, you could see from paper bag packed to the latest movie and game characters box lunches. Kids love the lunch break not only because of the lunch boxes and food bags they have but because of the delicious food they are expecting to have for lunch. So, surprise them with a yummy lunch.

One of the most popular and used lunchboxes is the bento lunch box. It is suitable not for kids only, but for adults too. The box is perfect for a single meal. It has separators so you could add more products. From rice and noodles, fruits and veggies, to creative little snack ideas.

Use your imagination freely and experiment in the kitchen. There are plenty of tools that you can use- cupcake holders, food sticks and stamps to make their lunch box more special. Surprise your kids with creative meal ideas.

Get some inspiration from the back to school lunch box ideas below and prep your kid a healthy and original meal.

Healthy Sandwiches

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A Bento lunch box is the perfect solution when you want to give a healthy and various lunch to your little one.

It is not a secret that the litlle kids love to have their food in different shapes and making him a Dino sandwich instead an usual one will make them happier. Beside the sandwich the bento box gives you the opportunity to add some veggies and fruits too in the additional containers.

Thermo Lunch Box

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You all know the little termo bags which save the food fresher for a longer period. It is a perfect way to keep your kid lunch firm till midday. Even you can use food containers in different sizes to add all the components for a healthy snack.

Fresh And Healthy

Back To School Lunch Box Ideas 2

Fresh and healthy, this lunch box looks tasty enough even for a little kids. These mini stick sandwiches offer everuthing they like- crunchi, juicy cucumber plus ham and chedar cheese. Sweet apple and of course a small portion creckers and nuts.

Little Details

Back To School Lunch Box Ideas 4

You are familiar with the little kids’ love for small items and details. So use this as an advantage to make them eat more fruits and vegetables. Simply add some stickers or sandwich stamps to grab their attention.

Offer A Variation Of Tastes

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Probably you have noticed that kids prefer some food better. Well, try to offer them a variety of tastes. Not only because of the nutrition but to get used them to eat different food.

Funny Face Sandwiches

Back To School Lunch Box Ideas 5

Surprise your kids with an emotional sandwich. Of course, try to make him laugh. You know better how to mix and match the tastes he likes the most.

Play With Colors And Tastes

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Take advantage of kids’ favorite sticks. Be creative and add some fish-shaped fruits and vegetables. They will be happy to play with these juicy and tasty fruit fishes.

Hot Dog

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The hot dog is the kids’ favorite. If you want to make sure your little one will eat his lunch with pleasure, make him a Snoopy hot dog. Do not forget the fresh and juicy fruits.

Halloween Back To School Lunch Box Ideas

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Boo your kids with a scary, spooky Halloween lunch box. You could make them a mummy wrap, or a scull sandwich. Add some stamps and sticks and your kid would be so happy to have a themed lunch box at school.

Christmas Back To School Lunch Box Ideas

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Always try to use the holiday spirit to raise your child’s mood. They need so much attention and love to feel confident and to go to school with love. Here’s why to spend some more time in the kitchen to amaze them with special treats.

back to school lunch box ideas for your kids
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