unicorn hot chocolate

In case you’re living in a cave, let us enlighten you on the hottest trend of this year – unicorns.

In all shapes, sizes, in food, decorations and glitter sprinkled everywhere. Let the fantasy run wild and get creative to plan a party with capital P. If Frozen was the Queen of all kids parties, it’s time to make way for unicorns.

Unicorns are a theme which is really easy to pull off with minimum effort. All you need is plenty of pastel colors, glitter, and a few horns. Pinterest is full of ideas on how to make it happen, no matter what your budget is.

Below are some of our favorite picks.

1Unicorn Cake

You have probably seen a hundred variations of this case. Once you bought the horn and ears, all you need is some basic piping skills and food coloring. The rest is piece of cake, literally. Recipe available here.

2The Right Outfit

No birthday party is complete without a proper party outfit. Any colorful princess dress will do the job and all you need to add is a pretty unicorn headband.

3Unicorn Hot Chocolate

This is even sinfull to look at. If you fancy, make them for the adults, not kids. Nobody will complain. Recipe here.

4Unicorn Balloons


Balloons and more balloons. Get crazy with the colors, the theme is unicorns! You can get most of your unicorn party needs covered in a place like partyfairy.com.

5Unicorn Party Props

Play a little dress up at the party with a few basic props.

6Unicorn Chocolate Bark

Sweet treat to serve at your party? There is nothing easier than making this unicorn chocolate bark. Recipe here.

7Unicorn Party Favors

Simple DIY party favors your guest will adore!

8Feature Wall

Each party needs a centerpiece that will wow the guests. These wall stickers are a super easy way to create a beautiful background for your food table and cake.

9Unicorn Cupcakes

Add a bit of food coloring to your cupcake filling and voila! You just made unicorn cupcakes!

10Unicorn Cotton Candy Mocktail

A bit of adult fun for kids. These mocktails are made from cotton candy – perfect for toasting to the birthday girl or boy. Recipe here.

11Unicorn Popcorn

Recipe here.

12Unicorn Balloon Arch

Beautiful and effective way to add more personality to your party. Choose balloons in similar and complimentary shades.

13Unicorn Cheesecake Dip

Fancy getting the kids to eat something a bit healthier? Make this cheesecake dip and add a few fresh veggies.

14Unicorn Balloons

As pretty as they get, unicorn balloons are a must have for your party.

15Unicorn Craft Activities

Get the kids busy and prepare some DIY activities to get the fun started. Get inspired in this post here.

16Room Setting

Turn the venue into a little wonderland thanks to a mix of garlands and balloons, creating a beautiful depth and coziness in the room.

17Unicorn Shake Bar

Rose gold colored shake bar to keep the little ones hydrated. Inspiration from here.

18Unicorn Toast

Birthday breakfast? Recipe here.

19Mini Unicorn Pinata

Get tutorial from here.

20Welcome Stand

Beautiful welcome to the party display with multi colored balloons and cakes.

21Unicorn Slumber Party

Something a bit more original – unicorn inspired slumber party complete with unicorn pillows and fairy lights. Little girls’ dream come true.

22Unicorn Headbands

Tutorial here.

23Unicorn Noodles

A bit of fun for adults too – if you don’t want to serve traditional party food, these unicorn noodles are the perfect alternative. Recipe here.

24Unicorn Macarons

You can make them or order some from partyfairy.com.

25Unicorn Milkshakes

Did you know you can make unicorn milkshakes? We didn’t either. Until now. More here.


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