10+ Pumping Hacks for Busy Moms

If you struggling to fit in pumping breast milk, taking care of baby and yourself, you’re not alone. Moms resort to pumping as a way to manage their busy lives while trying to provide the best for their baby. If you’re returning to work, it’s about time to get familiar with a breast pump because it will become your new best friend.

In here we rounded up 10 best pumping hacks to make your life easier and to get more out of the little time you have.

Get a Free Breast Pump Through Insurance

Sounds too good to be true? It’s fairly easy actually! Companies like Aeroflow Breastpumps have a mission to increase instances of breastfeeding, and they do that by proving breast pumps through insurance.

The company does the legwork needed to qualify for your free breast pump and best of all, the services are entirely free and their Breastpump Specialists make the process as easy as possible for moms. Check their website to contact them for details.

breastpump through insurance

Breastmilk Storage

With storage, you really need to have a system in place that will ensure you are using the oldest milk first. If you create a mess, you might waste your valuable liquid gold simply for not being organized enough.

Simple breastmilk bags work really well if lined up in soda boxes.

milk storage

Ease the Pain

Whenever you mention breastfeeding and pumping, it goes hand in hand with pain remedies. The excessive stress on your breast will leave damage, whether you like it or not. Thankfully there is an army of remedies, both natural and traditional to help ease the pain. Here are just a few of those.

ease the pain

Pump Hack

Use your pump flange as a funnel to pour your expressed milk into a freezer storage bag.

pump hack

DIY Pumping Bra

Need a new bra for pumping? Make like this! Tutorial in a link under image.

DIY pumping bra

Pump Straight into Milk Storage Bag

No need to waste endless hours washing and sterilizing bottles when you can pump your milk straight into your storage bag or container.

pump to bag

Pumping At Work

Something most moms fear the most – pumping at work. This handy infographic illustrates how to make it happen, no matter where you work.

pumping at work

Get a Breast Pump App

Get organized with a pumping app (yes, there is even an app for this!). It lets you track how much milk you need to make to a certain date in the future and also how much your baby is drinking each day.

breast pump app

Safe Defrosting

Keep this note somewhere where you can see it every day. Handling breast milk should be done with the most care and attention, especially when it comes to defrosting.

unfreeze safelty

Increase Milk Supply

One of the most asked questions when you mention pumping – how do I increase my milk supply? Here is a handy guide to make it happen!

increase milk supply

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