Top 5 Sanity-Saving Apps for Parents

People always like to say that with each next generation, kids are becoming lazier and lazier. However, it seems that these days, kids are busier than ever.

According to a new Pew Research Center study, 73% of school-age kids have played sports, 60% have participated in youth groups and around 54% have taken lessons in music, art or dance.

But if you think America’s youth is busy – just take a look at their parents. The same study also revealed that more than 30% of parents always feel rushed, while 50% “sometimes feel rushed.”

This basically means that a vast majority of parents in the United States sees parenting as stressful, tiring and not too enjoyable. So what can young and inexperienced parents do to make things easier?


Top Five Apps for Parents

If you talk to anyone of your friends (who are parents as well) you’ll probably discover that every one of them is using some sort of an app to maintain some sort of order in their lives. And of course, save their sanity in the process.

You know what people say when they come across problem nowadays – I bet there’s an app for it. So in order to help you simplify your life and make you feel like a confident parent, here are some great parenting apps.

1.      Artkive

If you have preschoolers, you probably deal with a lot of magic markers, crayons and sharpies all the time. And when your child creates another “masterpiece” you need to stick it to the fridge and show it off for at least a couple of weeks. And when the fridge gets overcrowded, you start putting drawings all over the house, don’t you?

Well, now you have a better way of archiving your kids’ drawings and storing it in the cloud for years to come. With Artkive, you’ll never again feel guilty about throwing some of your child’s drawings away, since the cloud-based app allows you to store it forever.


2.      Home Chef

Cooking for a full-blown family is tiresome, time-consuming and more often than not – mind-numbingly boring. It even requires a couple of hours of planning even before you turn on the oven. And let’s not get started on grocery shopping and looking up new recipes every week.

Thankfully, now you have meal service apps like Home Chef that help you make the process a whole lot easier. This particular app allows you to order every single ingredient you need to prepare a perfectly-sized meal. And the best thing about it – the food is delivered at your front door every week. Absolutely secured and sure no one will steal your lunch or dinner as long as you have a doorbell camera pro.

App 2 Home Chef

3.      Toytoy

So during the holiday seasons, how much do you spend looking for new and hot toys? Or better yet, how many times you wasted hours visiting a number of department stores only to discover that the toy you’re looking for is completely sold out?

But if you want to eliminate all of the hassle, and easily find new and exciting toys during the holiday season, or for someone’s birthday – Toytoy’s got you covered. The app has an extensive catalog of toys for you to browse through and you can create wish lists and share them with your family.

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4.      Privet

Every parent has a ton of questions. But sometimes, we feel too awkward to ask some of our more experienced friends for advice in fear of looking like an uninformed chump or even a bad parent. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to ask parenting questions without a fear of being judged?

Privet is a great app that will let you ask other parents questions on various topics completely anonymously. It allows you to ask all of those embarrassing questions you were afraid to ask before and even confess some of those nerve-racking thoughts.

4 20

5.      Tripit

Once again, we should talk about the holidays for a second. The holiday season is the most nerve-racking part of year for most of us – right? Well even if you manage to buy all of the toys in time (using the aforementioned Toytoy app) travelling is still a major issue.

So if you’re brave enough to pack your bags and bring your kids on board during the holiday season, you’ll definitely need this app. Tripit is a great resource to keep you and your spouse on top of all 1000 parts of your travel details.

5 22

Final Thoughts

And those were just a couple of apps that will enable you to save your sanity a little when parenting gets though. So what do you think about our list? Do you think we left some important apps of it? If you have any favorite apps that failed to make the list, tell us all about them by leaving a comment in the comment section bellow.

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