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I love spending my time on the balcony especially when the weather’s perfect. If it’s cool and breezy out, I’d take a good book, a nice refreshing drink and curl up in our balcony chairs. There are different balcony decoration ideas that would

There are different balcony decoration ideas that would suit different personalities, tastes, and lifestyles. Avid readers would enjoy a well-lit reading nook with a comfy couch. The sociable ones can have a lawn table with a few chairs for coffee breaks with friends.

The decorating possibilities are endless. All it takes is the financial resources and knowing what you want.

Don’t know that yet? Check out these balcony decoration ideas.

Beautiful Balcony Decoration Ideas

1Boho Hammock

balcony decoration

You know what strikes me the most? The dream catcher. I love dream catchers and it completes the boho chic look we got going on here. It’s the perfect hangout for a single woman in her early 20’s!

2Lounge Bed

Imagine star gazing with your special someone or just having a fun talk night with your BFF. This bed lounge is perfect for chill nights and just hanging out with a few good friends. Maybe Netflix and popcorn, too!

3Nighttime Peace

balcony decprations

Some people enjoy listening to the bustling sound of the city. They feel very at home with honking horns, rattling of construction equipment and the never dying sound of crowd noise. Then this setup would be the perfect way to bask in all of that. Take a glass of chilled wine with you to up the ante!

4Fuzz and Lanterns

balcony decoration

Warm lights make or break the interior design of a space. This would not look as good if the balcony decoration used white lights instead of warm yellow ones. The candles finish up the earthy look!

5Overlooking Hammock

balcony decoration

I’m deathly afraid of heights which is why this might not be my first choice. But if I wasn’t afraid of heights, I would totally enjoy sitting here every night watching the city lights with a warm cup hot chocolate in my hands and Pride and Prejudice. Yes, that sounds like a great plan.

6Outdoor Lights

balcony decoration

This little balcony decoration would be perfect for a small weekly get together with your close friends. Your neighbor will even be close enough to join you from his window! The lights just do it for me.

7Romantic Feat

balcony decoration

Whether is dinner at sunset or early breakfast at sunrise, this cozy little spot is perfect for romantic meals with your partner. Can you already imagine the both of you dining under the warm hues of the sun touching the clouds? I sure can.

8On the Floor

balcony decoration

Chic mats on the floor can be as comfy as any elevated cushion is. I actually dig this balcony decoration. It’s simple, accessible and easy to re-arrange. If you want to move the mats to another side, you can just simply pick it up and move stuff around.

9Shabby Chic White

balcony decoration

Now, this is a balcony decoration idea that would be perfect for a southern cabin or a beach house. The breeze will be more than enough to cool you down and the material of the hammock will keep you warm on colder nights.

10Here Comes the Sun

balcony decoration

How about one that lets the sun kiss your skin? You don’t need to go to the beach or the tanning salon to get that perfect golden brown tone. Just make sure you take everything in that can’t get wet before the rain pours!

11Cozy Loveseat

balcony decoration

Cuddle up with your loved one in this cozy loveseat and enjoy the simple yet uber elegant balcony decoration. It’s perfect to wrap up stay-at-home date nights and just spend time talking about sweet nothings.

12Neighborhood of Complex

balcony decorations

There’s something about apartment complexes like this that gives off the really homey feeling. Some people would say homey is out in the suburbs but seeing the similar-looking buildings and looking through the different windows make it a great place to be yourself in a throng of strangers.

13Rustic and Wooden

balcony decoration

Here’s one that totally screams single girl in her 20s still building her career and enjoying every bit of it. The person who owns this space is fun yet totally okay spending her nights alone.

14Lounging Around

balcony decoration

Nothing like a good stretch after a long day’s work. Bring out a sandwich, your laptop and a cool drink to de-stress the day. Oh, by the way? I’m in love with the brown and green combination of this design.

15Hipster Feels

balcony decoration

The combination of black, white and brown is absolutely my taste. The pop of color from the rug isn’t what I would choose but it still works! I would probably opt or a teal or aqua color instead.

16Minimalistic Zen

balcony decoration

Add a little bit of zen to your busy life by creating a space like this in your home. Just a place to breath in, bask in silence and release the negativity of the day. Love the chair.

17Full-On Lounge

balcony decoration

Now, here’s something perfect for a family. You can have meals here and hangout for desserts by the couch area. The view of the city will be magnificent or you can do the same for your beach house!

18BFF Chairs

balcony decoration

Tea with your BFF has never been more chic and homey at the same time. The elements are very low maintenance and the faux fur screams girl all over!

19Chic and Hip

balcony decoration

The headline is perfect, right? Just take a look at the antique looking coffee pot, the colors and the hip feel of the chairs. I can already imagine two hipster friends sipping some hipster-flavored tea like hibiscus pomegranate. Nothing against the hipsters. I’m kind of one. ;)

20Beach Like

balcony decoration

By far, one of my favorites. I love the color and I’m a big fan of plush pillows so this totally up my alley. The hammock? Yes, please!

There you have it, folks. Different balcony decoration ideas for different personalities.

I hope you found one that screams you and get right to it! Start building that space that embodies you and your time for yourself.

With that, I bid thee adeu.

Found one you like on this list? Which one? Let us know in a comment below!