Kitchen decor with lemons brings freshness, originality, and brightness to your home. Yes, besides its magical nutrients, this special citrus could make your kitchen super fresh, and aesthetic. Plus, lemons could be used as the ultimate cleaning ingredient in many DIY cleaning products.

Of course, you should never forget the mouth-watering lemon cakes, and desserts, lemonades, and cocktails.

No matter if you choose to add a bowl full of lemons or curtains with a lemon pattern, your kitchen will gain a vivid, and vibrant atmosphere. With their yellow-green hues, lemons are bringing the freshen note to your home. Wake up from the winter months, and welcome the arouse of the spring with the freshness of the yellow citrus. So next time when life gives you lemons, simply decorate your kitchen with them.

Check out these super creative ideas for kitchen decor with lemons to try out this spring!

1Lemon Table Runner

Put a smile on your kitchen table with this bright table cloth. Even folded under a tray with decorative lemons gives brightness to your interior.

2Lemon Plate

Such a lovely combination of the azure cake stand, lemon yellow hues of the fresh citrus, and the yellow jasmine. It is like putting the sun on the cake stand.

3Lemon Vase

Fresh flowers in lemon vases are just gorgeous. By the way, for tomorrow Valentine’s day do not send yellow roses to someone you are romantically interested in. Yellow rose symbolism is connected to true friendship and caring.

4Lemon Branches

This kitchen decoration with lemons brings me back to Menton, South France. Where the annual production of this special citrus is over 200 tons. An interesting fact is the skin of Menton lemons are used for essential oil.

5Lemon Sweet Corner Decoration

A glass of fresh lemonade during a hot summer day, or iced cold limoncello? I rather go with the second option.

6Lemon Lanterns

Give a fresher look of the candle lanterns on your kitchen shelves with a few lemons inside.

7Lemon Basket

A basket filled with citrus is always a fresh way to decor your kitchen table.

8Lemons Table Decoration

Lemon themed lunch will make your guests speachless. Show your perfect decoration skills using fresh lemons.

9Lemon Cleanness

Sophisticated kitchen decoration with lemons completely fits to the clean lines and interior of this home.

10Lemon Freshness

Welcome the spring in your home with fresh tulip bouqettes, and a full cookie jar with fresh lemons.

11Lemon Walls

Vivid, bright colors are perfect for kitchen interior.

12Lemon Window Treatment

Welcome the daylight with freshly decorated windows. Lemon window treatments give such a brightness to your kitchen.

13Farmhouse Lemons Kitchen Decoration

Farmhouse decor is unique and aesthetic. Make it fresher with a bowl of lemons and lemon pattern kitchen cloth.

14Shugary Lemon Decoration

A Fancy lemon decoration suitable for an elegant lunch. Perfectly fits to your silverware.

15Lemon Kitchen Set

Style up your kitchen with unique, vintage set of plates and containers decorated with lemons.

16Lemon Table Decoration

If you are having Sunday brunch with your friends at home, use lemon pattern cloth and serviettes. A decoration that will turn your Sunday into a fresh party.

17Lemon Counter

Anyone up for a mojito?

18Lemon Serviettes

Start your morning with healthy, nutrition breakfast served originaly, and in unique style.

19Lemon Fridge Decoration

A fridge full with freshness, and healthy products. These lemon decoration stickers will make your fridge one of a kind.

20Lemon Wallpaper

The clean and fresh home starts from its kitchen. Dress it fresher with bright lemon pattern wallpaper.

Super Creative Ideas For Kitchen Decor With Lemons