35+ Gorgeous Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas to Add Festive Cheer

Let some festive spirit infuse every corner of your home, including your kitchen!

In this article, we bring you the best and most festive Christmas kitchen decor ideas to inspire you to transform your kitchen into the winter wonderland it deserves it to be.

As we all know, the kitchen happens to be the last place we end up decorating, even though we probably spent the most time in there, especially when preparing all the festivities for Christmas. Even with limited space and without cluttering your kitchen, you can add a few festive touches that will make it feel special and more welcoming for the holiday season.

Where to start?

Tips for Christmas Kitchen Decor

Check Your Kitchen Color Scheme

Most kitchens have quite a distinct color scheme which usually comes from the color of your cabinets and other items in them. If you have an all-white kitchen, it gives you plenty of options to experiment with different colored accessories and decorations for Christmas.

If your cabinets are black, that’s also the perfect blank canvas for turning it into a pretty festive space. The hardest part is probably rented apartments or houses, where you can’t replace old wooden kitchen cabinets but you can still make the most out of them.

Adding some natural elements like pine branches and sticking to a neutral color scheme will work for almost any kitchen.

Decide which Surfaces and Place you Want to Use

A kitchen is first and foremost a place where everything should be practical – there is no point in placing fancy Christmas decorations on your kitchen island if you have to keep moving them around to use it.

Check what your kitchen looks like before decorating, if there are some objects you can remove and replace them with decor items instead.

Use only surfaces that you now are not crucial for you to utilize when cooking, such as the top edge of your cabinets, the windows, the small tables in the corner of the room, and so on.

Make sure Your Decor Matches

Kitchen Christmas decor should feel like a natural extension of the rest of your house. If you already picked a color scheme or other theme you’re using this year, make sure it translates also into the choice of decor for your kitchen.

Make it Practical & Safe

Extending on the point earlier, the decor should be not just practical but also safe. While a nice decor right next to your stove might look gorgeous, it’s also a fire hazard – something you should always keep in mind when you’re adding extra items to the kitchen that could be flammable.

More kitchen decor ideas and tips can be found on our Pinterest board.

33+ Gorgeous Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

Looking for more ideas? Get inspired by our dedicated Pinterest board with lots more decor tips and ideas to choose from!

1. Baubles Above Dining Table

A simple touch to your chandelier with a lot of festive cheer – best of all – no fancy extra decorations are needed, just use whatever baubles you already have on your Christmas tree!

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

2. Hanging Sleigh

Farmhouse style decoration that’s a little more creative, and a little more tricky to execute, but looks fabulous!

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

3. Bet on Red

In a neutral-colored kitchen, red truly stand outs and adds a lot of warmth for the holiday season.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

4. Christmas Tree in the Kitchen

Who says you can’t put a Christmas tree also in the kitchen? Just keep it away from the cooker.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

5. Add a Sparkle to Kitchen Counter

A little touch of glitter here and there goes a long way.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

6. Stylish Christmas Decor Elements

Bet on natural elements such as pinecones with a touch of glitter, if you don’t want to add too much to your kitchen counters.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

7. Mini Christmas Tree

A tiny Christmas tree will cheer up even the smallest kitchen.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

8. Festive Branches

No space for a Christmas tree? Use some natural or artificial branches in a vase either on your countertop or your kitchen island for a festive touch.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

9. Simple Wreaths for Windows

Windows are a great place to decorate for Christmas, as they don’t directly impact the workspace in the kitchen. Make sure you don’t choose a wreath that is too large and will block natural light coming into the room.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

10. White & Silver Festive Touches

An all-white elegant kitchen looks super stylish with the added touch of silver tones.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

11. White & Red for Stylish Christmas Kitchen

A traditional color theme translated in a white kitchen – a very festive look just by adding a few wreaths on your chairs and kitchen cabinet.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

12. Fragrant Kitchen Garland

Make it a fragrant Christmas in your kitchen by adding a natural garland with dried oranges.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

13. Golden Glitter for All White Kitchen

All the glitter and glamour for a festive kitchen – all it takes are a few golden elements displayed in the right places.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

14. Hot Cocoa Station

No festive kitchen is complete without a cocoa-making station.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

15. Natural Christmas Tree

If you want to keep things simple and minimalist, this tiny Christmas tree is the perfect way to decorate your kitchen.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

16. Statement Christmas Wreath

A statement wreath looks fabulous if you have one main focal point in your kitchen.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

17. Christmas Window Village

One of the most gorgeous kitchen windows we’ve seen in a while.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 17

18. Kitchen Island Forest Centerpiece

If you want to keep your kitchen island less cluttered, chose a centerpiece that’s longer and slimmer, and it takes up less space.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 18

19. Vibrant Garland and Wreath for Windows

A matching garland and a wreath for your kitchen window always look fabulous.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 19

20. A Touch of Nature Indoors

Don’t want to do too much? Add a few festive branches to your vase and lamps to create a coordinated look. Mistletoe looks great too!

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 20

21. Simple & Stylish Centerpiece

Use a cake stand to create a beautiful and simple centerpiece in your kitchen – festive touch in an instant.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 21

22. Winter Wonderland Theme

Bring nature indoors by adding lots of fresh branches and greenery around your kitchen island and surfaces. Beware that it can get messy as they dry and drop the dry branches on the floor.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 22

23. Farmhouse Style Decor

Make your gingerbread house the centerpiece of your decor – they look great with candles and fresh pines.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 23

24. Red Berries in Christmas Kitchen

Red is the color of the season, and there’s no better way to add it to your kitchen than these gorgeous berry branches.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 24

25. Statement Bows

Call it classic and timeless – these red bows are so simple yet effective.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 25

26. Make the Most of the Space

No space in the kitchen? Use the top of your cabinets.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 26

27. Gift-Wrapped

Want to do something out of the box? Check this idea!

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 27

28. Showcase Your Favorite Holiday Cards

This is a brilliant way to showcase your holiday cards or family photos.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 28

29. Mini Cocoa Station

Another and a smaller version of the hot cocoa station.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 29

30. Gingebread House Display

Proudly display your gingerbread creations on your kitchen countertops.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 30

31. Winter Wreath Under Cabinets

This is a great idea if you have enough space above your stove and it doesn’t pose a fire hazard.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 31

32. Cake Stand with Gingerbread House

The cake stand is perfect for displaying your Christmas decorations – whether you place them on your kitchen countertops or kitchen island.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 32

33. Baubles in Focus

Use leftover baubles in pretty baskets in your kitchen to coordinate with your Christmas tree.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 33

34. Kitchen Christmas Forest

Gorgeous and simple idea to create a point of interest and a pretty festive landscape in your kitchen.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas 34

35. Gorgeous Christmas Garland

Cooking Christmas dishes? Make it with style!

christmas kitchen decor

36. Christmas Farmhouse Signs

Because we love farmhouse style!

christmas kitchen decor 1

37. Red Accent

Matching red kitchen textiles and accessories is the easiest way to add a festive spirit to your kitchen!

christmas kitchen decor 2

38. Farmhouse Christmas Magic

Classic white and grey Christmas kitchen decor with the classic farmhouse style!

christmas kitchen decor 3

39. Backsplash Wreath

Simple but gorgeous Christmas wreath attached to the backsplash.

christmas kitchen decor 4

40. Kitchen Sink Christmas Decor

christmas kitchen decor 5

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