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These gorgeous small kitchen ideas that will blow your mind and make you redesign your kitchen right away. Colorfull contrast ideas, bold backsplash inspirations, and not least storage hacks to make your kitchen as useufull as a professional kitchen.

There is a lot of charm in the small apartments and flats, and when you have a clear idea of how to use each inch of it, you can get a useful living area. So if you think it is impossible to have a functional kitchen in just a few square feet, see these gorgeous small kitchen ideas below.

Bold colors, and modern appliances, green plants, and open shelves. Hanging copper cookware, and using the vertical space will give your small kitchen a real spirit. Great, and smart storage ideas for ultimate functionality. One thing is sure you can lift your cooking place to the next level, and make it both aesthetically, and practical. Because the size doesn’t matter anymore.

1Play With Colors

When your kitchen is really tiny, do not be afraid to make it colorful, and super bright.

2Outline It With Paint

If you have a combined place of living area and a kitchen corner, just otline it with different color and make it gorgeous, and functional.

3Add Extra Chairs

Choosing chairs for the dining area is difficult. If you have a functional island or bar, add some high chairs to use the maximum of the space.

4Use Contrasts

Contrast is great way to make the room wider. Combine light and dark shades and play with illusion.

5Choose Unexpected Patterns

Make your kitchen your special place in your home. You can give it more character, and spirit with some really impressive backsplash, bright appliances, and a lot of personal touches.

6Double Down On Colors

Add a bright detail to the open shelves. Bright elements will make your small kitchen more welcoming and will affect your appetite too.

7Bright Small Kitchen

Perfectly white, and gorgeous small kitchen idea with a bright, and fresh touch.

8Choose Open Shelves

Your kitchen will have more airly vision if you replace the upper cabinets with open shelves.

9Install Pendant Lights

Adding the right lights and accessories are a secret weapon for a gorgeous kitchen design no matter of its size.

10Minimalist And Modern Small Kitchen

A timeless itchen design, modern and same time functional.

11Modern Small Kitchen

Glass upper doors play with the light and make the kitchen looks bigger. With the combination of the copper elements, this tiny kitchen has a warm, and welcoming design.

12Add Green Plants

Cheer up your kitchen with a few happy green plants.

13Multi-Functional Peninsula

Making the countertops of your kitchen into a place where you can cook, and dining on the same time is a secret key to the most functional small kitchen.

14Rustic Touch

15Two-Toned Walls

16Farmhouse Inspired

The kitchen where I can bake cakes, and cookies every day.

17Statement Backsplash

Statement backsplash will turn your kitchen into the most impressive are of your home no matter how tiny can be.

18Compact Small Kitchen Design

Compact, tiny kitchen with a view.

19Think Industrial

Simple, functional and stylish small kitchen where you can experiment with different recipes.

20Black And White Tiles

One of the hottest interior trends recently. Tiles that flow into the living area, but on the same time add extra contrast to the whole design.

21Get An Accent With Colored Wall

If you are a fan of all-white or monochrome design, you will like this idea. It is a great way to add brightness to your home, plus you can outline the impressive dining area.

22Maximize Floor Space

Round dining table is the best choice for smaller areas.

23Make The Most Of Marble

Elegant and always trendy. A super timeless element for any kitchen, just like a little black dress in your closet.

gorgeous small kitchen ideas

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