10 Best Mommy Cocktails

It is cocktail time and here are the best mommy cocktails you must try right away!

After a long way of slaving away, 12-hour shifts with kids, and housework, there’s one word every woman is pleased to hear at the weekend: COCKTAIL!

While most mommies are limited to non-alcoholic ones (hands up if you’re breastfeeding too!), that doesn’t mean you can’t have a virgin version of some famous cocktails!

In the end, it’s also about putting your feet up and enjoying the excellent company with a cocktail glass in your hand.

So here it is, the round-up of the 10 best cocktails (and “mocktails”) we could find online. Which one is your favorite?

Best Mommy Cocktails

1. Virgin Sangria

Perfect for moms who want to go alcohol-free without losing the flavor! Brilliantly easy and refreshing for a summer party. Recipe via ourbestbites.com

mommy cocktails

2.  Tropical Twister

Packed with lots of flavors, can be made in an alcoholic or alcohol-free versions! Recipe here.

mommy cocktails

3.  Skinny Blueberry Vodka Mojito

Sounds delicious, recipe via picklee.com

mommy cocktails

4. Cranberry and Star Anise Champagne

Modern twist on champagne cocktails, recipe at DishingUpTheDirt.com

mommy cocktails

5. Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco

Got a bottle of Prosecco? What are you waiting for? Recipe at DamnDelicious.com

mommy cocktails

6. Watermelon Mojito

Who says Mojito needs to be always green! Get the recipe at TheVintageMixer.com.

mommy cocktails

7. Very Cherry Martini

Oh yum! Invited at MarlaMeridith.com

mommy cocktails

8. Cranberry Apple Cider Punch

Another alcohol-free option, perfect for summer parties. Recipe at SayYes.com

mommy cocktails

9. Mother Mocktail

The Mother of all Mocktails (alcohol-free of course) – recipe via CullinaryHill.com

mommy cocktails

10. Virgin Ginger Mimosas

Best brunch mocktail from InSonnetsKitchen.com

mommy cocktails

Do you know some amazing cocktail recipes? Please do share!

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