17 Best Kate Spade Bags for Work [2024]

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Are you on the hunt for the best work bag? Do you wonder what size to go for or what shape is best for your needs?

In that case, we have done all the hard work for you and prepared this curated roundup of the best kate spade bags for work!

Whether you’re looking for something super functional, practical, or downright original, in the lines that follow, you will get exactly that.

Why Kate Spade New York?

This luxury brand has been making quality handbags since 1993, so if you’re on the hunt for a bag that lasts and stands the test of time, Kate Spade is the right choice.

Designer bags can come with a hefty price tag, and if you’re looking for affordable everyday luxury, then Kate Spade has the right combination of beautiful designs with high-quality materials at a price that doesn’t make your credit card weep with despair. 

Are you ready to pick your favorites?

Below are our top three picks of the bestselling Kate Spade bags for work, followed by more options and varieties below.

Don’t forget to check our tips for selecting the right work bag at the end of the article too! 

Our Top 3 Picks: Best Kate Spade Bag for Work

No 1 – Hudson Large Work Tote

Our number one pick is a classic Kate Spade work tote made from super durable pebbled leather and faille lining, with an extra padded compartment for your laptop. 

Hudson Large Work Tote black 1
Hudson Large Work Tote – Black
Hudson Large Work Tote beige
Hudson Large Work Tote – Earthenware

This work bag with a classic silhouette has an 11-inch hand drop, it’s the perfect fit for easy access, and there is generous space inside that fits up to a 13-inch laptop.

Work totes don’t come better than this – made from quality materials, with interior zip and slip pockets and minimal branding for the effortless chic look.

No 2 – Knott Colorblocked Commuter Bag

Knott Colorblocked Commuter Bag2
Knott Colorblocked Commuter Bag

This color-blocked commuter bag is perfect for ladies who like to switch things up – you can carry it in hand or use the attached strap as a shoulder bag. It has larger internal space that fits up to 15 inch laptop, along with your phone, Ipad or other work essentials.

The color contrast makes this bag a more interesting and modern take on a classic work bag, while allowing you to have plenty of space with two interior pockets and quality lining inside.

The sturdy top handle will ensure that the bag will be your partner in crime, no matter how heavy you load it.

No 3 – Sam KSNYL Nylon Convertible Backpack

Sam KSNYL Nylon Convertible Backpack copy
Sam KSNYL Nylon Convertible Backpack

If you want a great bag that is versatile and with affordable price, our third pick ticks all the boxes. This perfect size convertible backpack is a great solution for women who need their hands free on the commute to work, like to cycle to work, or simply want a stylish bag that easily transforms itself into a weekend bag. 

The backpack has a long strap that allows you to convert it into a shoulder bag, a large front zip pocket for your essentials, and lots of internal storage space with a zip closure. It’s the perfect everyday bag that will make your daily life so much easier. 

Other Kate Spade Bag for Work

No 4 – Perfect Large Tote in Beige

Perfect Large Tote beige2
Perfect Large Tote – Beige

A classic tote that will take you from the office, to an afternoon picnic, or a few drinks at the bar after work. A classic shape that is perfect for slipping in a few documents or your Mac, which can also quickly transform into a travel tote when needed. 

​This leather tote bag is made from quality materials, and thanks to the neutral beige color, you can easily combine it with any work outfit. The perfect tote for busy ladies on the go.

No 5 – Morgan Laptop Bag

Morgan Laptop Bag burgundy
Morgan Laptop Bag – Burgundy

This leather laptop bag is a real stunner – in the most gorgeous shade of burgundy, with golden finishes and so much space inside! It has an adjustable shoulder strap and has been designed to fit a 16 inch laptop.

This bag is a great option if you travel with your laptop on a daily basis and would like a bag that’s not only functional but also feels luxurious and will last a long time. One of the best laptop bags currently available. 

No 6 – Manhattan Studio Plaid Large Tote

Manhattan Studio Plaid Large Tote
Manhattan Studio Plaid Large Tote

This bag is a new addition to the Kate Spade work bags collection, and we are absolutely obsessed with it!

This modern twist on a classic comes with all the perks of a traditional tote bag, with stunning design that will instantly make you fall in love with it! 

No 7 – Waverly Racing Stripe Jacquard Large Tote

Waverly Racing Stripe Jacquard Large Tote cordovan multi
Waverly Racing Stripe Jacquard Large Tote – Cordovan Multi
Waverly Racing Stripe Jacquard Large Tote blazer blue multi
Waverly Racing Stripe Jacquard Large Tote – Blazer Blue Multi

If you carry around a lot of books, notepads, or simply half of your kitchen, just like the rest of us, this bag is a serious contender for your perfect work bag.

With very generous space inside and a beautiful color-blocking effect, this tote will take you to places! 

No 8 – Katy Large Work Tote

Katy Large Work Tote
Katy Large Work Tote

Possibly the most elegant Kate Spade tote on the market, with a high-quality luxury finish and textured leather material. This tote has a drop zip closure, an internal zip and slip pocket, and long elegant straps. One of the finest business bags you will see. Add it to your wish list right now! 

No 9 – Manhattan Museum Plaid Jacquard Small Tote

Manhattan Museum Plaid Jacquard Small Tote
Manhattan Museum Plaid Jacquard Small Tote

There are days when you just need something smaller and cute, to drop your phone, makeup bag and maybe a small notepad.

This plaid jacquard tote is exactly what you need – a great purse with style, functionality and plenty of room for everyday use. Because life’s too short always to wear black, right?

No 10 – Bleecker Modern Leopard Medium Crossbody Tote

Bleecker Modern Leopard Medium Crossbody Tote2
Bleecker Modern Leopard Medium Crossbody Tote

Fun prints? We hear you! Meet the Bleecker Tote, full of personality but not leaving the practicality behind. Work tote bags can be a little simple and minimalist, but this one is anything but that!

A great work bag that will leave the boring behind and get you noticed.

No 11 – Gramercy Large Tote

Gramercy Large Tote kraft paper
Gramercy Large Tote – Kraft Paper

If you’re a working mom on the go, you will need a good size tote that looks good enough for the office but also for soccer pick-up later in the afternoon. 

This Gramercy tote ticks both boxes, and we especially love the ‘craft paper’ color tone on this one. Perfect bag with enough room for all your essentials, which will take you from the board room to happy hour at the bar instantly.

No 12 – Oversized Spade Flower Jacquard Stripe Manhattan Large Tote

Oversized Spade Flower Jacquard Stripe Manhattan Large Tote
Oversized Spade Flower Jacquard Stripe Manhattan Large Tote

Do you need a bag large enough to fit your lunch, laptop and all your notes & books? We hear you! This oversized Manhattan tote has been made for you!

With a pretty and stylish design, this everyday work bag in an extra large size will give you much-needed space, whether heading to a business meeting, traveling for work, or heading out for brunch mid-day.

No 13 – Sam KSNYL Nylon Universal Laptop Bag

Sam KSNYL Nylon Universal Laptop Bag
Sam KSNYL Nylon Universal Laptop Bag

If you need a laptop bag with a lower budget, this nylon material bag is a great option. Made to stand the test of time, in a universal size that will fit almost any laptop.

The material was designed to be scratch proof and to protect your laptop. It also has internal pockets for extra storage, and zip closer on the top. 

No 14 – Spade Flower Jacquard Stripe Market Medium Tote

Spade Flower Jacquard Stripe Market Medium Tote
Spade Flower Jacquard Stripe Market Medium Tote

The gorgeous elegant design paired with the perfect size, makes this tote a great choice for your everyday work bag.

Beautiful beige tones compliment almost any outfit, and with lots of interior compartments, you will never lose your keys or phone anymore. Big enough to fit your laptop, notepad, or a book to read on the way home from work. 

No 15 – Spade Flower Jacquard Stripe Manhattan Small Tote

Spade Flower Jacquard Stripe Manhattan Small Tote
Spade Flower Jacquard Stripe Manhattan Small Tote

Cute things come in small sizes – like this small tote bag!

This cute tote bag in royal blue tones combined with pretty floral print is a compact crossbody bag when you need it, or a simple tote when you don’t. It is a pretty versatile bag that can be worn in different ways and fit your lifestyle perfectly. 

No 16 – Gramercy Racing Stripe Plaid Twill Medium Bucket Bag

Gramercy Racing Stripe Plaid Twill Medium Bucket Bag
Gramercy Racing Stripe Plaid Twill Medium Bucket Bag

We left this wild card for the end – if you don’t need to carry laptop with you, and are fine with a cross shoulder bag, consider this chic work bag with an adjustable strap.

Modern shape with plenty of storage space and a beautiful design that will get people talking.

No 17 – Katy Tweed Medium Top-handle Bag

Katy Tweed Medium Top handle Bag
Katy Tweed Medium Top-handle Bag

And last but not least, who says that work bags have to be big or totes? This timeless classic lends itsefl to be the perfect work bag, if you don’t need to carry half of the office home with you. 

What Makes a Good Work Bag?

Best work bags will take you from day to night seamlessly and offer a combination of functionality and style that feels natural. 

A good work bag will fit your water bottle, 13-inch laptop, small makeup bag, and even your work materials without feeling like it’s bursting at the seams. Because you carry it every day and it needs to take a heavy load, you should pay attention to the materials it’s made from and how sturdy the handles look.

If you like totes but carry heavy files and books with you every day, it may not be the right choice for you as the straps on totes will not last a long time under such a burden of weight.

Totes with a sleek silhouette are usually the top picks for work bags as they offer plenty of space with ease of access – Kade Spade purses in particular has some of the most gorgeous designs combined with the use of quality materials. 

Built-in laptop sleeve for any laptop size is a must for almost any good work bag, and zip tops are essential if you don’t want your items to spill out everything the bag flips on the side.

So, to sum things up, here is what you should pay attention to when choosing your work bag:

  • use of good quality materials, such as leather or nylon
  • how sturdy the straps are
  • does it fit your laptop, if you need to carry one with you
  • does it have enough exterior pockets
  • are the straps adjustable
  • do you also want to use it outside of work

How to Choose The Perfect Work Bag for You

Each of our jobs has different demands, and that should be reflected in the bag that you carry with you. 

If you do a lot of traveling, maybe a bigger tote with space for laptop takes priority. 

If you have to carry large files or heavy documents, you need something from sturdy materials that won’t break after heavy use. 

Lastly, you should also consider how you like to carry your bag – do you prefer crossbody bags, or something you can just hold in one hand? 

Do you need to keep your hands free and perhaps consider a backpack type of bag?

You should ask yourself all of these questions before you make the purchase – otherwise, you will end up with a bag that’s pretty and on-trend, but not functional for your specific lifestyle.


Choosing the right bag for work can seem like a daunting task, and you might find it difficult to choose just one model that you like.

When it comes to work bags, it is probably the one time when practicality and functionality should win over design and aesthetics.

Luckily for you, Kate Spade work bags tick both boxes, so even if you have to upgrade to a larger bag to accommodate all your work essentials, you will still look elegant and professional with a beautiful bag that you will adore. 

We hope you found plenty of inspiration in our collection of the best kate spade handbags and large bags made for work, and found your dream one in our collection! Thank you for reading! 

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