filled balloons

We are not sure if you noticed, but filled balloons are the THING for parties in 2018. Check Pinterest and you will be mesmerized by the amount of glitter and prettiness some can stuff into a modest balloon.

If you are looking for something new and unique for your party, perhaps to impress your guests or simply to do something a little different, we put our team through the paces and collected the most popular filled balloon designs from Pinterest.

There are plenty of suppliers who will give you the ready made balloon, but you can also make them at home and customize per your wishes. Which one of these is your favorite? Leave us a comment below!

1Giant Balloons

Something to get the kids really excited! Balloons are fun on their own but imagine this human size ones!

2Pretty Pink

Stylish balloons for bachelorette or birthday party. Sprinkles of golden dust in pink balloons, party perfection.

3Huge Heart Filled Balloons

Fancy a really spectacular surprise? All you need is a handful of these huge balloons filled with hearts.

4Gift Baloon

What a pretty way to present your gift!

54th of July Balloons

Even balloons are going patriot style on 4th of July!

6Valentine’s Day Balloon

An overdose of love and pink.

7Glitter me Happy

Balloon filled with gold and silver glitter finished with a bow for an elegant party. Perfect for New Years party or birthday party.

8Wedding Balloons


How elegant and unique is this?

9Golden Sparkle

Add a little golden sparkle to a plain balloon to turn it into the centerpiece of your party.

10Kids Favorite

Mix in some colors to create this fun balloon for your kids’ party.

11Stylish Silver & Pastel

Mix sizes and colors of the balloons for a more dramatic effect.

12Bright Stars

Save some confetti also for the string!

13Back to Nature

These are simply gorgeous!

14Shades of Beige & White

For neutral themed party with an elegant style, these balloons will be perfect.

15White Balloon

Who says white has to be boring?

16Gold & Rose Pink

Champagne colors all around, these balloons certainly deserve to be the centerpiece.

17Multicolor Balloons


Mix and match different colors for a fun playful look.

18Pink Champagne


Instagramer’s dream!

19Gold & Black


The safe combination that always work wonders on a party.

20Baby Balloons

Simply adorable!

21Star Balloons

Add star shaped confetti and turn the room into sky full of stars.

22Balloons with a Wish

Spell it out on the balloon.

23Gold, White & Black

Mix full color balloons with big confetti for a dramatic contrast.

24DIY Balloon

Find out how to do this one by clicking the source link below.

25Anniversary Balloons

Shades of pink come together in a perfect harmony.

26Gold, Pink & Rose

Planning a princess party? These balloons will be a hit!


  1. Party decorations are incomplete without balloons. Thanks for sharing such innovative and inspiring balloon decoration ideas. I love them all!


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