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The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in your home, but it’s not always equally easy to use for every member of your family. From height issues to slippery floor problems, there are many things you need to keep in mind if you have children.

Moreover, you want them to not just be able to use your bathroom efficiently but also to actually enjoy using it. So, depending on how young your kids are, here are 20 ways in which you can adjust your bathroom to their needs.

1Add some color

Kids love colors so in order to make your bathroom a bit more attractive to them, paint it in more cheerful colors – or add some colorful accessories (towels, soaps, toothbrush holders, etc.). As long as you don’t go overboard, your bathroom will still stay stylish.


2Get a step stool

If you haven’t already, invest in a step stool for your smallest family member. Most of the things in the bathroom are too high for a toddler to reach, which is why a quality step stool is pretty much a must.


3Hook things low

Considering the already-mentioned height issue, hook some of your towels low enough so your kids can reach them.


4Give them their own toothbrush holder

Young children like to have things that are a part of “the grown-up world” but still made just for them, so get them their own toothbrush holder. It can be brightly colored, decorated with pictures of their favorite cartoon characters, or shaped like an animal they like.


5Spice up the knobs

Changing your regular knobs with something more unique and convenient can help you make your bathroom both easier to use for your kids and more stylish.

6Get a foaming hand soap

Kids love textures and bubbles, so try to get a foaming hand soap for some extra entertainment. They will surely love it.


7Pick the right bathtub

When choosing the right tub for your kid-friendly bathroom, consider getting one of the quality bathtubs with softer edges so you kids are less likely to get hurt if they bump into them by accident.

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8Think about the materials

Children can be messy, and they like to play rough, so make sure all the materials in your bathroom are durable, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain.

9Use a colorful mat

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A bathroom mat can be not just a protection from the potential floor slips but also a fun decorative element that your children will love. Choose a more colorful design to spice up your bathroom a bit.

10Go wild with the accessories

For your little ones, the action happens in the tub, so don’t hesitate to stick some bright animal stickers to the wall or throw in a couple of rubber duckies. Also, those items should be easily accessible to your kid, so make sure they are placed somewhere where they can reach them.

11Use safety covers

A glass doesn’t mean much to a thirsty child, which is why you should put a safety cover on your faucets so your kids don’t bump their heads into them. A simpler solution would be to wrap them in a towel, but that can only be a temporary measure.

12Keep your medicine out of reach

Make sure all your medicine is safely stored in the original packaging and away from the children. Keep it on the highest shelf, or in a locked cabinet.

13Lock the cabinet

As mentioned above, locking your cabinet is always an option if your children are still very young. There are too many things that need to be kept away, which is why this is sometimes the easiest – and the safest – thing to do.

14Install a toilet safety lock

Don’t forget that toilets also present a drowning hazard, especially for younger children. So, until they are old enough to use the toilet on their own, use a safety lock.

15Make use of Lego bricks

Put Lego bricks into your soap dispenser bottles to make them more interesting for your kids – they will definitely love using them after.

16Install more lights

Consider installing rope lights under the cabinets, as well as a motion-activated toilet night-light, so your kids can find their way around more easily, especially if they need to use the bathroom at night.

17Give them their own storage

They are less likely to be interested in your storage if you give them theirs. So, give them their own drawer or a spot in the bottom cabinet.

18Focus on the paint and accessories

Going back to the first tip – your kid will grow up one day, and your frog-themed bathroom will no longer be quite suitable for any of you. This is why you should focus on adding personality with paint and accessories instead of fixtures – you can always repaint the bathroom as your kids grow.

Regardless of your children’s age, you need to ensure that they can always use the bathroom safely and efficiently. Therefore, see what you can do in your bathroom to make it more children friendly, and they will surely enjoy using it.




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