3 Simple Ways to Help Your Kids Be More Productive Students

Everyone wants to have the best results in their studies, to acquire knowledge quickly and efficiently. This requires productivity and optimization of the learning process. Today we will tell you how to be productive at school or university with the help of various life hacks as a thesis statement checker.

3 Simple Ways to Help Your Kids Be More Productive Students

Easy Awakening in the Morning

An energetic and cheerful morning can set a good tone for the whole day, which will have a positive effect on brain function and success in school. To easily absorb new information and not feel drowsy during the day, you should follow these rules:

  • Go to bed earlier. The growing body needs at least 8 hours of sleep for complete recovery and rest. So, to wake up at 07:00 and prepare for school, you should be in bed no later than 23:00.
  • Prepare school supplies and clothes in advance. In this case, after waking up you will not be distracted by extraneous thoughts about what outfit to choose in the morning, and how to have time to prepare everything. In addition, you can sleep longer in the morning – is not it a plus?
  • Do some basic exercise. These can be tilts to the legs and to the sides, swings of arms and legs, circular rotations of the torso, pulling up. A 5-minute charge can have a positive, invigorating effect.
  • Taking a contrast shower will help you wake up completely. However, do not forget the strict rule – start with warm water and finish with cool.

Quick Memorization of Poems

You should not complain about a bad memory when preparing homework. It is enough to know some rules of effective memorization of material. When memorizing poems, be sure to read the work aloud 3-4 times. Rewrite the author’s work on paper, while speaking aloud.

Come up with associations. If the lines do not fit in your head, an associative series can help. The basis of the association may be consonance or similarity of images. And it is desirable to recite the poem before going to bed. The night will pass and the poem will be remembered.

There are situations when some places in the poem can not be memorized. This happens at the junction of new thoughts or cycles. Leave a mark on your palm with the word that starts the cycle, which is difficult to learn. This will facilitate the process of reciting the poem in class.

Labels on Notebooks

If you buy the same notebooks in bulk before the school year, it can turn into additional hassles. There is a risk of confusing them and taking the wrong school supplies.

To avoid chaos in your backpack and closet for school supplies, mark their corners with different colors on the edges of notebooks.

All you have to do is remember the shade for each discipline. Note that stickers or stickers with inscriptions may also be suitable for the implementation of this life hack if the width of the edge allows you to fix them.


How not to forget about homework. Those who always forget to do something will not do without this life hack. The advice, in fact, is simple – write down in advance on a sticker all the tasks that need to be performed during the day.

The sheet should be hung in a prominent place to quickly cross out the work done. And yet – this is a useful life hack for self-discipline. Use different services which make your education easier like essay formatting services.

Memorizing Foreign Words

Today’s students in many schools learn 2 compulsory foreign languages. It is not always easy to memorize foreign expressions from the abundant flow of information.

Write all the hard-to-remember words on stickers and place them under the phone cover or other prominent place. Now they will almost always be insight, and the brain will not be able to refuse to remember them.

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