10 Sleeping Hacks for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is not a disease but a gift. So, enjoy the ride because there will be no other time when you will look more beautiful or feel more in tune with your body. Think of it as a voyage – it is not the only the destination that matters but also the route you took to get there…

And sleep is a part of that path. Getting the right amount of it and making sure that quality is the resounding component depends on a few things.

Take a moment to have a look at these great hacks that will make all of the difference

Get into the right position

The right position is debatable. Some women swear by sleeping on their backs while others prefer to shift to their sides during the final months of pregnancy.

One thing would be for sure if you were a stomach sleeper that will be a thing of the past.

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Get the right pillows and mattress

A set of pillows can be the Holy Grail in capturing those ZZZ’s. There are three types to go for: The wedge – you slide this one under your back or tummy to improve support.

It can also act as a regular pillow. C-shape – this one is ideal for side sleeping which is the best position for many women. And then there is the U-shape – you place it on your back. According to Mattress Matchers, your mattress is also important. Makes sense right? No budding mom wants to feel like she’s sleeping on the highway.

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Watch your fluid intake

Hydration is key to a good night’s sleep and overall bodily health. Just don’t overdo it before bedtime because your bladder is already sensitive enough with junior pressing down on it.

Also, be mindful of what you drink. Avoiding alcohol is self-explanatory, but too much caffeine will rob you of those coveted  ZZZ’s.

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Take a soothing bath with the right oils

Scents and a warm environment coax the mind and body into a sense of well-being and harmony, inviting sleep as a welcome guest.

Small hack on the side. When you are close to giving birth, a warm bath has the propensity to induce contractions.

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Stick to a daily workout regimen and the right foods

Physical well being is paramount even when pregnant. You don’t need to go for a twelve-mile jog, but the right exercises will support your muscles, facilitating birth and make you feel relaxed and sleepy time the night comes.

Stay away from spicy and acidic foods no matter how much your body craves them. Nobody needs to feel bloated or suffer from heartburn at night.

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Go out for a walk

Don’t stay in the house all day. Your body is not a prison. Get out there and share your beauty with the world. You will certainly never have received so many compliments in your life. To boot, you will get your daily vitamin D boost, and your body clock will be in synch with regular light cycles.

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Avoid taking a nap

Tiredness in the early stages of pregnancy will most certainly make napping a very appealing prospect. Avoid it because it robs you of the all-important nighttime shuteye.

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Don’t worry about the nightmares

Having bad dreams when pregnant is normal. It’s your maternal instincts running wild, thinking that something is amiss with the little resident in your tummy. When it happens, meditate and think of beautiful things and gradually go back to sleep.

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Stay away from electronics

The bedroom is for sleep and sex. Electronic devices like the TV, smartphones, and laptops emit electromagnetic waves and blue light. None of which is conducive to sleep.

Read a book or listen to a podcast

A small note of caution – avoid any topics relating to parenting or pregnancy because these have the propensity to increase anxiety and that is the last thing you need before bedtime. Read more interesting books that will help you relax, maybe you are into interior design or fiction books.

Whichever book you pick, just make sure it’s not stressing you out.

Other than that, reading or a podcast is good; they soothe the brain, distracting you from anything stressful in your life. A bonus is that you will also increase concentration, knowledge, and creativity.

Just make sure when you use an electronic device that it is not back-lit.

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