outdoor dinner party

Planning a get-together with your family or friends? How about an outdoor dinner party! If you’ve got a gorgeous backyard at home, that’s all you need to turn your home into the perfect place to host the dinner party of the year.

With the help of our friend Pinterest, we hand-picked some of the most jaw-dropping settings, food ideas, and decorations that will take your party to the next level.
Leave a comment below and tell us which one was your favorite.

1Backyard Tent


Colorful set up perfect for a kids party, or even grownups.

2Glorious Under Tree Event

Decadent affair is suitable for afternoon tea or a girlie get-together.

3Romantic Picnic

Very instagram friendly set up under a tree with a few blankets. That’s all you need. Oh, and a couple of friends too!

4Let there be Light

This was actually shot at a wedding, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking inspiration for your next dinner party!

5Candles & Light

Natural and so wonderful! Herbs and candles make the perfect centerpiece!

6Food Bonanza

The more food is the better.

7Simple & Effective

Tree, old table, and a few lights. How pretty is this?

8Backyard Picnic

For a larger event, opt for an informal boho-inspired backyard picnic.

9Mexican Fiesta

Colors and cactus, bring them on!

10Gorgeous Lights

The beauty of simplicity.


Floral centerpieces are not just for weddings!

12Effective Lights Decoration

Bring those lights to life with these simple decorations.

13Small Backyard Party


A small family gathering at your backyard? This is all you need!


Think outside of the box!


Change glasses for something a little different!

16Salad Bar

Salad bar as you’ve never seen it before.

17Summer Party

Summer fiesta in full swing1

18Wine Barrels

Wine barrels instead of tables? Good idea in all parties!

19Garden Corner

A lush little corner in your garden turned into a beautiful dinner setting.

20Beer Barrow

Do we need to say more?

21Candle Lovers Dream

Candles. The more the better.

22Beach Picnic

No backyard? Beach will do nicely!

23Woodland Inspired

Another wedding inspired setting, absolutely gorgeous.


Swop the cakes for something more refreshing.

25Cactus Love

Cactus is all over Pinterest and people can’t get enough of these prickly friends.

26Bohemian Rooftop

Something cut out straight from dream Instagram life.

27By the Sea

source – weddingtopia.co

Work with nature and highlight what you already have.

28No Mess Dessert

No messy desserts needed!

29Vibrant Morrocan

A beautiful blend of colors, shapes, and tones.

30A Space of your Own

Build your own tent, even in the middle of the forest.

31Think outside of the Box

Now that’s unique dining set up!

32Pink & Blue

Stylish and classic, can’t go wrong with pink and blue.

33Food Bar


A more adventurous take on the food bar.

34Pink & Orange

For those who love colors and contrast.

35Fruit Trees

All-natural, all beautiful.


Another take on the seaside picnic.


Like a scene from a movie.


Urban dreams.

39Lantern Galore

Too much like a wedding? There’s never enough candles, no matter what the occasion is.


Keeping things simple and natural.

41Space for Four

source: https://roomadness.com

Festivities under fruit trees.



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