7 Fun Backyard Kids Play Space Ideas for this Summer

With state-of-the-art technological devices being more available to children than ever, parents are left with the task to motivate their children to spend as much time outside as possible.

Luckily, this task can be nothing more than a piece of cake if you inspire your child to spend time playing outdoors.

Just design a fun play space they won’t be able to resist to and you won’t see them in the house during these lovely summer days.

An art corner

Once you create an art corner in your backyard, your child won’t express their artistic side on your walls anymore.

A simple solution that will last the entire summer is creating a backyard chalkboard. Not only will your child have a place to draw freely, but you won’t have to spend a fortune on buying new canvases every other day.

A DIY chalkboard is a simple and cost-effective solution that you can make from salvaged wood, chalkboard paint and several screws.

backyard art space

Backyard Twister

There’s no better way to get your little ones and yourself moving than by playing a game of Twister outside.

You can easily make your backyard version with some colourful paint, a cardboard stencil and homemade spinner.

You can even turn it into a party – just play some tunes, invite your children’s friends and start moving.

backyard twister

A mud kitchen

If your child is always eager to help you with cooking, you should give them their own kitchen right in the open.

Just pick a place with plenty of shade and access to a water hose, add some old shelves, look through your kitchenware for some old pots and pans and your child’s new mud kitchen is open for business.

You’ll be making yummy sounds to mud muffins before you know it.

mud kitchen

A tree house

Building a tree house for your child is a fun project that will help you acquire some new skills and give your child the ultimate play space. There’s a range of step-by-step guides online you can follow if you don’t have building experience.

You can even ask your spouse or child to help you out and have fun while building a tree house. It’s of the utmost importance that you get high-quality PPE gear that will keep you safe from injuries. In addition, before building a tree house, make sure that the tree you’ve chosen is stable and strong enough to hold a house.


Yarn bombing

The best way to boost the development of your child’s creativity and imagination is by being creative yourself. If you have some serious knitting skills, you should try out yarn bombing, a fun trend that entails decorating outdoor pieces with yarn.

You can ask your child to draw some patterns or characters and then use the drawings as knitting inspiration.

You can decorate your backyard trees, outdoor furniture, an old bicycle and other pieces and transform your backyard into a colourful and creative play space for your kid.

yarn bombing

A music wall

Instead of asking your child to tune it down whenever they start banging an improvised drum inside the house, you should invite them for an outdoor jam.

Using improvised instruments, you can easily set up a music wall where your kid can express their talent.

After choosing a spot on your fence, possibly far away from the nagging neighbours, hang different music instruments you’ve found tucked away somewhere. Bowls, pans, pots, broken xylophone, chimes, spoons and wire shelves will simply inspire your child.

music wall

A backyard beach

If you’re not planning to go to the seaside this summer, you can bring the beach to your backyard.

This is a simple project that entails building a sandbox, filling it with sand and adding a large umbrella to protect your kids from the sun. Of course, you can experiment with the design and create holes for cups and other items. Afterwards, buy some sand-castle toys and your private little beach is done.

backyard beach

Once you design a fun play space for your kids, they won’t think about coming back inside. In addition, not only will they have a whale of a time, but you’ll also have fun while creating it.

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