10+ FREE Activities for your Kids for this Summer

The summer is here, and kids are around for the holidays. Do you know what that means? Like it’s a norm for children, excitement fills up in the early days of the holiday after which endless nagging choruses of “I am bored” starts trickling in.

The biggest challenge for parents is how to stave off this boredom.

The article below comprises a list of activities you can engage the kiddos in without necessarily denting your wallet. From indoor activities to outdoor adventures not to mention learning programs, there is something for everyone!

Outdoor Adventure and Leisure Activities

Hangouts In the parks or playgrounds

Public parks have vast playgrounds with playing equipment like the trails and bouncing castles to keep your kids out of your hair.

The parks move a step higher to organize great free summer programs like competitions for the children. This is always a good bonding time for the kids and also creates an interactive forum.

Go on a picnic

Picnics could also perform magic in keeping kids busy. The simple and fun aspects of a picnic make it a favorite activity for most parents.

You can prepare packed lunch and opt to share it with the children in a local park or better still along the beach.

It doesn’t necessarily have to happen in the day. You can as well organize it in the evening to make them have something to look forward to.

kids picnic

Sprinkler Fun

Every child finds fun in playing around with water. Considering the hot weather conditions, parents have to abide with the inconveniencing nature of kids getting wet.

Simple instruments like spray bottles, water guns, and water balloons make the sport even more fun.

kids sprinkler

Visit museums, historical attractions, and zoos

Most museums require a small annual subscription, and you get free access. You can take advantage of the same by taking your kids to such institutions during the free sessions.

They get a chance to learn more history about their motherland and past activities.

Riding bikes

More to being a clever way to unwind, bikes help in keeping fit during summer.

They help kids in venturing outside of the daily routine and allows them to cover even wider areas. You can at times allow the kids to take a ride on the rail or a less busy street.

It helps a lot in improving bonds with their age mates and keeping them engaged.

family bikes

Attend outdoor concerts and festivals

Different institutions, including churches, organize concerts and festivals for kids during summer. You can take advantage of such events and invite other family friends where you share dinner, and it becomes a party.

The festivals are mostly about showcasing talents through which you enjoy your summer and at the same time enhance the kid’s talent.


Swimming is always a fun activity during summer. Several public swimming pools are available for free for kids to pass the time during a hot afternoon.

The pools take a step higher to organize competitions from which they discover and build hidden talents in children.

Swimming is always fun for kids (and not only), but the most important thing is to provide their safety while swimming.

Make sure you have pool floats with you. There are numerous shapes and colors of them in the market. Either you can get customized pool floats just for your child’s taste and preferences.

It can be either a favorite character, animal, or any other design they want. Contemporary pool float manufacturers can make any child’s creative idea into reality.

Another great option for swimming all day long during hot summer days is having an above-ground pool which is a wonderful budget pool alternative in your backyard.

kids swimming


In the recent past, skating has become a popular sport not only for adults but also for the kids.

Different public parks and malls organize skating activities and provide equipment for kids to skate and unwind during summer for free. It is an obligation of the parents to keep their ears on the ground for such gigs!

Watch kids movie

More than often, movie theaters offer free kids movies in the morning hours during summers.

Children can take advantage of the same and watch the movies together with other kids of their age. You could also opt to purchase one for your kids to watch as they relax at home.

Learning Activities

Learn new recipes

For older kids, trying out something new in the kitchen with the help of their mom is always a good way to unwind during summer holidays. These could include simple recipes such as making homemade ice cream or smoothie.

kids cooking

Read storybooks

Storybooks improve your scope of thinking and are a smart tactic to pass the time.

Whether adventurous, historical or even horrific, every storybook adds some value to your brain.

Children storybooks are available online at a cheap subscription fee, or you can buy one and exchange with a friend once you are done reading it.

kids reading

Go to the libraries

Most state libraries are free to access. You can go there and read science fiction books or do some research.

All these are activities to pass the time wisely. You can also borrow the books from the libraries for use at home for free.

Attend Bible studies

Churches and other Christian-based institutions organize Summer Bible study sessions.

During the sessions, you get a chance to learn different aspects of the Bible and get to build your spirit in Christ.

Try out new skills

During summers, kids could help their parents out with some simple chores like doing laundry or washing utensils.

In such occasions, the kids perfect their abilities in doing them while still young.

kids chores

Attend to your kitchen garden

The kitchen garden is a small portion set aside in the backyard of a home to grow some of the kitchen vitalities.

Kids can help out with simple tasks like weeding on the piece. This helps keep them engaged and also make them more responsible.

kids garden

Learn to play instruments

For the music lovers, getting skills in playing instruments can be a perfect way of unwinding during summer holidays. Churches and other organizations offer these services for free.

With the above activities in mind, you will not only expect to have fun during the summer season but also learn a lot. Enjoy your summer holiday in style.

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